How long have you been a fan?

black 93

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My dad had RE2 on his PS1 when i was 5. I played it a ton and loved it but was too young to really get it and by the time RE3 came around, my kid attention span had moved on. Wasn't really till i got remake on gamecube i wanna say around 2007. Me and my friend spent hours on that game, slowly unlocking the mansion. I remember the excitement of finding a new key and thinking ohhhhh i can unlock all those door's now! Them i got RE4 on the Wii and that game made me flip out and fall in love with the series. I got RE5 day one and after that i started to explore the past of the series. Now i Own them all, beat them all, and no series has ever impacted me as much as this one. It's nowhere near as good as it used to be, the only things iv truly enjoyed since 2012 are Rev 2 and Remake 2, but im optimistic right now.