How come B.O.Ws are never seen around each other?


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For as long as Ive played Resident Evil, to my knowlege I dont think ive seen two different kinds of B.O.Ws in the same area as the other, anytime you go into a room/hall/etc theres only just one type of monster. I've always wondered if say a group of zombies and a pair of cerebus were in the same area before someone showed up, would they be aware of the other? Would the cerebus attack the zombie for bumping into it? Would they double team some poor unsuspecting victim?

Just something I've always wanted to ask..


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A zombie is killed by a hunter in the hospital in RE3, and in Revelations 2 you sometimes have to fight several species of monsters at once (the mines and the elevator battle at the end of Barry's campaign come to mind). My guess is that two specimens of the same kind won't attack each other on purpose (apart from the occasional zombie munching on another zombie on the ground, not that the other zombie cares), but they will attack others that they consider prey. So yes, I can imagine Cerberus attacking "fresh" zombies like they do humans, but not older zombies whose flesh is already too rotten to smell good.


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I think it all comes down to gameplay mechanics. I suppose in the older games would be easier to program a room with the same enemies than a room with mixed enemies. In RE4 there's a room with zealots and two garradores though and in RE5 and RE6 I think there's a couple of instances with mixed enemies too. From an plot point of view, I think Hel said it all, about two creatures of the same species don't attacking each other. I think zombies can resort to eat other zombies if there's no prey avaiable though. Oh...and Nemesis kills BOW's too.


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I didn't know whether to put zombies and Cerberus under the same or a different category since one zombie is an animal and the other is human.

Its a silly question I know but for reason would find it interesting seeing a pack of zombermans kill a lone zombie for its food or a horde of zombies stealing a fresh kill from a zomberman


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They actually did that in Resident Evil Deadly Silence (The DS port of the original RE1) in Rebirth mode.

As you can see there's a hunter and a zombie in the same place and they don't attack each other they both try to attack you.



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Gameplay and Story Segregation moment, but I imagine B.O.W.s like Hunters and Lickers would be territorial, so they would want to avoid each other.