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Hey there stranger...fancy a meal?


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May 29, 2021
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Hey there,

My first Resident Evil game was actually RE4...

Before that I had only gotten videogame experience from my Step-Dad's Super Nintendo. He had given me that at the age of 4. My mom moved in with him when I was YOUNG. My youngest memory is being 3 and coming home to him having my childhood dog Yogi Bear Manson in his lap ... A daschund rottweiler mix that was my childhood friend.

At 4 I found the SNES downstairs...he asked if I had "seen one of these before?" I said no and was introduced to Mario Party All-Stars.
He had raised 2 daughters that at this time were in their 20's. He used to beat their times and scores on games just to mess with them. In the year of 2001 at the age of 6 he introduced me yet again to a brand new Gamecube for Christmas.

I was deep into series like Metroid Prime and Legend of Zelda already. I remember him being excited when a friend of his brought over the Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition for GameCube. It had the OG LoZ 1 and 2 and the n64 games on it. He got real happy and flipped through the booklet and then just gave me the game and said "Hey go try that one out while we go talk about business stuff!" He never even played it. He just passed on the greatness to me.

In 2004 that Christmas I was 9. I loved fps games. James Bond Agent Under Fire and Metroid Prime were my favorite. I went to open a big box for my one Christmas Eve present (a tradition I loved) when my stepdad said "why not open THAT one instead?" nudging a smaller cube shaped box with his foot.

Inside was a brand new Wavebird controller. Already giddy with excitement at a WIRELESS controller he then picked out a slim present hidden under some others and proceeded to give me Metroid Prime 2.

Sorry for the ramble...this was mostly to say I grew up playing Metroid religiously and at the age of 10 my first RE game was Resident Evil 4.

I'd played M games. Heck I'd played mortal kombat at 4. But this was something new. It was raw and visceral.
To this day RE4 and Metroid Prime are my top 2 games. All Stars and Thousand Year Door are trailing close.

Now I'm 26 and married to a lovely gamer wife who also grew up with vidya and kicks my ass at Smash Bros every single time no matter how drunk I get her. Apparently being told "you can't play games until you beat us once" motivates a young girl and turns her into a fighting game monster at 32 now.

I work as a line cook and make a...substantial amount after cooking for 6 years. Weird to think basically a quarter of my life has been this profession and it's only growing. I started at a measly $10/hr and spent it on games and weed. Now it's $25+ and it's all bills and the occasional nice dinner :p

Playing RE7 and Borderlands 3 now.


I make good toast
Feb 3, 2009
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Ten bucks an hour still beats what I earn...

But welcome! Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy it here


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Jun 6, 2016
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Welcome Stranger! (Or what would the Duke say? Welcome Mr. Winters!)

Hope to hear your opinions on the games you have played!