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Welcome to the forum, sorry I'm a little late to the party! :smile:
Hello there. New member here too, but a long time fan. How've you liked the series so far?
It's been mixed. I'm a fan regardless, but I really could not deal with the gameplay in Resident Evil 1 and 0, even when removing the tank controls. So I don't think those were very good. Resident Evil 4 I had some fun with but did not finish, as I found it difficult and cumbersome to not be able to move and shoot. May return to it someday though. Resident Evil Revelations 1 I was really enjoying, but after fighting the mutated crewman and the agent I just lost interest. I did play Revelations 2 and was really enjoying it, but unfortunately I bought it for the Switch, which does not have analogue triggers. A huge mistake, so I will be playing it again once I can afford to buy it for PS4.

I really loved RE2 and RE7, stellar games. My next game I want to play is RE6. I'm skipping 5 all-together though, from what I have seen it is not my idea of Resident Evil.
Hi, I have recently got back into playing these great games after purchasing a PS4 two months ago. I have been playing the remaster of the original which I got the platinum trophy for and started speedrunning, also the resi 2 remake, which is awesome.
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