Has anyone noticed non-survival horror/non-RE fans (esp casual gamer) have higher reception to RE6?


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I notice among gamers outside of the RE fandom (and particularly those who don't play survival horror), they don't have the negative reception towards RE6. This is especially true among casual fans and fans of other more action paced third person shooters (such as Max Payne) and FPS among who I notice tend to proclaim RE6 as handsdown the best game in the entire franchise.

Hell the same people who love RE6 I notice even have a great hate for 4 and 5 because of how you you can't shoot while moving and how the melee system and gunplay system are underdeveloped (you have to wait for onscreen button signals to throw a punch, the aiming is a lot slower and more difficulty than say Max Payne and Halo 5, etc).

God forbid if you ask them about the old Survival Horror games where they will spew out nothing but negative comments (especially in regards to controls and camera angles).

Has anyone else notice the same pattern too?
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I suppose you could say that most causal players/fans prefer the action direction over survival horror. Being someone who's grown up playing the original games though, I actually really love the action direction the series took and hope that it returns back to a similar, third-person gameplay (maybe more along the lines of Revelations 2 but with more horror added). I wouldn't say RE6 is the best but I don't think fans give the game enough credit either. RE6 and RE7, to me, struggle because they are both different extremes that are on opposite ends of the spectrum.
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I could say the same thing about Resident Evil 4. Among the people I have talked to who play the games, those who played before Resident Evil 4's release preferred the older games, whereas those who played Resident Evil 4 as their first Resident Evil experience tend to think Resident Evil 4 is the best in the series, or one of.

I personally liked Resident Evil 6, or most of it anyway. I really liked Chris's campaign, but frankly it was only because of Piers. But still. I managed to get good at Mercs. I don't think it was an amazing game, but neither do I think it was terrible.

Resident Evil 4 was pretty bad though heh.
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I am problably one of the bigest Resident Evil fans there is. I own every single release (many times several versions)

Resident Evil 6 is far from a bad game. I'd say people who claim to be fans who decpise it are the ones I would consider casual fans. But hey, RE6 is a tough pill to swallow, it took me over 30 hours to finally get over the non-stop action.

RE6 is a blast for many reasons and i'm sad to see all the potential of another great third person action game being lost due to RE6 bad reputation. It isn't a perfect game.. far from it I am fully aware. But what RE6 does right it does it incredibly well.

I think a big issue with this title is that it's hard to master, the controls, weapons, melee combos etc.. are hard to figure out and learn. But once you have fully mastered it, it is a blast running through all chapters, mercenaries and other game modes. When you know how each weapon work, what weak points each creature has.. the game is so deep and fantastic when it comes to all that. I haven't seen any other third person shooter that is so in-depth when it comes to the combat.

Sure, this style of game might not be what most 'fans' are looking for. But I don't see Resident Evil as a 'survival horror' franchise. It's stupid to still think that way. I love this series for the story, characters and variation in gameplay.

RE7 was a great horror experience, I loved it. But I was very disapointed in it as a RE fan. It didn't do anything really to evolve the story which is what I care about most. I had my hopes on not a hero, but that was just a little fart compared to the hype capcom caused. RE7 as a whole felt like a spin-off rather than a new main installment. I had hopes about the story being tied in with the information we got from Revelations 2, I thought Evie was Nathalie 100% at first. Capcom seems to be very scared to actually make an interesting story these days.

Just my little rant sorry if it's hard to read.
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I'm with you on a lot of your points, @MartinMilk. I still to this day have not completed all of the campaigns available in RE6 - only Leon and Helena's. I typically take long breaks between games, and perhaps the biggest hurdle for me comes from re-acclimating myself with the unique control scheme, so I'll oftentimes just throw in the towel very quickly. And as a staunch RE5 advocate, I find it very difficult to overcome the control scheme differences and combat nuances between the two games. It's frustrating for me because I am so used to an older control format that it's almost as if there's an involuntary mental block stopping me from getting better at RE6.

It's a strange thing for me to actively dislike much of RE6 (including the character direction and its pseudo-reboot style), but be fascinated by it at the same time; I still love reading (and watching) reviews of the game and researching many of the fan theories, and the want to play the game is there, but the drive very rarely is so.

I mention much of this because I consider myself something of a 'casual' fan of the series at this point. I don't dislike RE6 because it is a 'bad RE game', but because even as an 'RE clone' it still doesn't quite hold up to my opinions of similar games of the action genre. I'd rather play Stranglehold than RE6, for instance, which would be a somewhat comparable game (and the only one that springs to mind at this time). I feel that RE6 is both a poor continuation of the series, and a mediocre action game. Mind you, I think RE5 is in many ways a poor continuation of the series, too, but perhaps it's the -- subjectively... -- spot-on controls and combat that draw me back in. Not really, sure - just woken up... need my caffeine.

More power to those of you who do play RE6. If you've ever streamed gameplay of it there's a chance I've watched it. <3


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Anyone who plays Resident Evil 6 enough to say it's a favourite has my respect...

...for being able to spend the two days it takes to get the game's controls in working order with THAT menu system

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People are entitled to their own opinions, but I think Capcom are only listening to what the bulk of fans want, so if fans say they want X, Y and Z in the RE2 remake, they'll be happy at least, while purists will cry foul over that. Some fans love the older style more, but that's too outdated. Capcom probably thought that they won't sell much with just a horror game, but at the same time, realized that others were upset. 7: Biohazard I think was something of an experiment, and it has now sold 5 million units, even if it took a year. So since the pay off has indicated that they're safe for now, they may gamble on doing more horror sequels that have less of an action tone, or reserve that kind of action thing for the DLC like how Not a Hero was horror, and End of Zoe was a new take on the game style. But normally one should be horror, while the other is more about shooting things. Ethan Winters isn't like Chris Redfield, so that's why the style for these characters is so different.

5 and 6 are just action games with "scary" things, so they often do not feel characteristic of an older game like 3: Nemesis. But I think Capcom eventually half understood why fans were getting so enraged. However, I know some people who don't even mind 5 or 6. It's wrong to say they are a fanboy just over how they feel. At the end of the day, it's what you as a gamer prefers to play.