George A. Romero's other Resident Evil scripts still exist!


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Apr 28, 2018
Most of the fans know all about Romero's first draft of his rejected Resident Evil script from October of 1998. But not everyone know that he wrote more drafts. He said in Fangoria interview from 2002 how he did "five or six" drafts before he left the project.

Over the years, very little information has leaked out about any differences and changes he made in other drafts. Couple things which were rumored is how he changed Chris back to be a STARS member instead of native American farmer like in first draft, and cut the number of monsters down. I also read an old comment from someone who read his final draft, which he said was dated "mid 1999", and also said how it was much better than first one.

After Romero's death, there was some talk about possibility that amongst all the scripts he had there were more drafts of his Resident Evil script. I couldn't find anything more about this, but today i did found this;

In early 2019, the University of Pittsburgh's University Library System acquired the George A. Romero Archival Collection from three separate sources: his widow, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero; his daughter, Tina Romero; and his business partner, Peter Grunwald. The collection is currently being processed and prepared for scholarly and public use. It holds various press and production items from Romero's seventeen feature-length films and scripts for many unproduced projects, as well as personal possessions and memorabilia—posters of films seen in his youth, personal and production photographs, comic books, and props from his films. Other materials include correspondence with artists and producers, artwork, shooting schedules, and ample audio-visual materials. One highlight on display at Hillman Library for the archive launch celebration on October 23rd was Ella, the monkey prop from Monkey Shines (1988).

Perhaps the most intriguing items for researchers are the dozens of unproduced film and television screenplays, as well as the shooting and production scripts for Romero's finished films, many annotated with his handwritten notes. The collection holds several drafts of Romero's Resident Evil script adaptation, a project that many fans knew he worked on for many years but that was never realized. This unproduced project, and many others in the collection, shed light on Romero's drafting process and will allow researchers to see how his work evolved over the years of his career.

Just wanted to share this in case anyone else is interested in finding anything more about Romero's scripts and ones from all the other writers who worked on the film between 1997 - 2000 before Paul W.S. Anderson's involvement. Wish there was something similar to confirm that those still exist too. I hope that somehow one day at least Romero's drafts will be available for RE fans to read and see how different those are from first one.