First A Rank in RE3


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This is the hardest of the first three RE's to get the A rank, I died somany times but I got it.

No AutoAim/Hard Mode/No Infinite Ammo On Any Weapons/NO Saves States

The best way to get A rank in re3,

-You can't use any aid sprays through the whole entire game.

-You can use only single herbs, or double-mixed herbs no triple.

-No Saving the game (yea so when i died.. i had to start ALL OVER AGAIN)

-Try not to get hit at all in the beginning, you can on the giant worm boss fight in the graveyard, clock tower nemesis too but not at the end when you fight nemesis in that garbage room with the acid traps on the walls, just unload freeze rounds (make shure you have at least 18) and he will be stunned the whole time and wont be able to hit you as long as you hold the fire button on him (I never got hit here)

-The Mikhail vs Nemesis fight you can skip, once you get in that room with nemesis on the train, simply go back to the same door you came in and mikhail will do the rest.

-Game beaten under 2hours and 40minutes

^ You do all of this in RE3 and you have a huge chance of geting that A rank, its possible with just some practice.

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