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Resident Evil 2 (1998) Favorite Differences between the 4 scenarios, (Leon A, B Claire A,B)

Aug 6, 2016
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Hey, just played Resident Evil 2 again, damn classic, and I really enjoyed some of the changes between all 4 scenarios. Straight up, I think Leon B is my favorite. The scene where Ada dies in his arms is one of my favorite moments, even though its sad its memorable, better than her falling of the ledge.
I liked in Claire A, when she meets Marvin, she asks him about Chris, and he knows Chris, says he and Jill and Barry went off to fight Umbrella. When Leon meets him, hes just like, your the new guy, save the others.
I like the B scenario bosses better. Fighting Mr. X here and there is just more of an exciting challenge.
Also, I save both the side pack and submachine gun for the B scenario players.
I like in Claire A Annette gets killed by William in the hallway. Ada kills her in Leons campaign.
Theres probly other reasons I like the different campaigns, just post some of your favorite differences about the four scenarios.