Every resident evil game ending suck?


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May 20, 2012
I liked a good portion of the endings.

In Darkside
The 'Bad Ending' for the Operation Javier mission is actually rather well done. Manuela accepts her fate as she believes that she would lose her mind eventually and become a threat. Which honestly I think is one one of the few times a character actually acknowledges what could happen. And is also one of the few times you ever actually get a very subtle look into a characters emotions without them saying it, just by how Krauser's expression very slightly shifts after she disappears.

Then comes the foreshadowing with Krauser in the 'Good Ending'

The Krauser version does feel a bit 'meh' however. That version drags on. Although the fact it exists is interesting.

In RE6
I think everyone's ending is honestly pretty good all things considered. They felt very satisfying and concluded their respective stories. Some odd bits when you really think about it. But it was the typical cheesy RE ending that we know of.
Nothing wrong with that.

I personally think Piers shouldn't have died for Chris, but overall those endings were pretty solid.

In RE2R.
I like how the ending is actually presented where after all that horror and living Nightmare they just wander off with Sherry being an adorable little bundle of sunshine.

However, I like the Original/Darkside interpretation better simply because the story of RE2R bothers me to a point where it personally hampers the ending for me.

In RE0
I like how Billy gives a salute and just straight up bugs off, given what was originally suppose to happen to him.

I do personally think that RE1, 3, 4, and Code Veronica endings are sub par.

RE5 is in improved version of RE1.

They're not all winners. But I gotta say;

Operation Javier (Bad)


RE6 have the best endings imo.
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Feb 4, 2019
They don't really give you that much of a satisfying go home feeling but it is what it is.

The ending is bad because the game is over too, I always complain about how games should have been extended in the main story when I finish it:confused:
Unfortunately no game can last forever


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Feb 4, 2019
Multiple scenarios depending on multiple decisions made in the game effecting the outcome, Kind of like an RPG or something.
Well some resident evil game already did something like this, like resident evil 1, 3 and 7, you have multiple ending based on what decision you made during game...

Also resident evil 2 and the remake had a longer repliability thank to its second campaign, were you watch thing from different perspective... Also resident evil 6 had 4 campaign, resident evil 4 had separate ways, resident evil 5 had lost in nightmare and desperate escape, resident evil 7 had many dlc story, the chronicles series is full of secret and different endings...

In my opinion the resident evil series is one of the few series that is good in term of replaying and longevity, there are always many things to do and secret to find

Resident evil is not an rpg so the max thing we can get as story interaction and multiple ending is something like the original resident evil and its remake
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