Cross console/backward compatibility?

Before I dig out my Xbox 360 and my old copy of the game.

Has anyone tested to see if you can play RE5 online Co-Op (campaign) with the first copy being installed on my Xbox one, the full gold version including all DLC.
The second being installed on my 360 again the full shabang all DLC etc I’m thinking the answer is probably no..?

But since the Xbox one version is suppose to be backwards comparable figured maybe it would work, assuming it’s probably down to if they have their own set of servers for matchmaking etc...

Just wondered, Anyone tried it?

Coz we’ll split screen on RE5 is really not the best...

Thanks in advance


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Did some Google Fu and most answers to cross-console support of any kind with Resident Evil 5 comes up nil. Threads that are 1 year old on Steam and threads that are 9 years old on GameFAQs have the same answer: Nope.

Games themselves that are multiplatform already or have ground-up next gen ports don't tend to be backwards compatible. Like, just for a quick example; Wolfenstein: The New Order, a game released on seventh and eighth gen hardware. It's not going to be backwards compatible just for the business side of things.
Consoles are sold at a loss, and after price drops, companies would rather you pay 20-30 bucks for an XBOX One copy than a 10 dollar 360 copy for a game to play on their flashy new tech they need to make up difference for.
Okay cheers for the reply’s guys it is a shame really. The dead playerbase wouldn’t have mattered too much as like I say I was planning on playing campaign with someone in my house introducing them to the RE series starting with RE5 due to its co-op capability.