could spencer still be alive

i cant be the only one to think his death was abit underwhelming after all those years of him being somewhat of a puppet master pulling umbrellas strings from the shadows.

but there very much leaning towards the hole consciousness transfers and c virus allowing changing physical appearance to look like someone else.

what if Spencer a man who easily could start a new company and continue his work even with the fall of umbrella, managed to fake his death allowing someone else to die in his place, he may be alive elsewhere under a different name continuing his work, after all he was to become a god!

might not be true but considering he had access to everything umbrella ever did, it wouldn't be unfathomable to think he was able to do something like this i mean look at alex weskers success at mind transformation.

it seems like capcoms working all the technology needed to bring albert wesker back, what if this entire thing was a big ploy so that albert and spencer could both fake there deaths take new names and start again? i think itd be amazing to see them return
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Cure Zombrex

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I think he's dead. He was never that big a deal. However, he was hyped up, so the end result of killing him off in one brief clip, seemed pointless.