Back from the dead: Capcom confirms Resident Evil 2 Remake in the works


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First the Final Fantasy VII remake was confirmed and now the Resi 2 remake! Fans are actually getting what they want. It just seems too good to be true. Can't wait :)


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You know what I get from this?

"we see the unofficial Remake is doing really well so we want to steal the buzz"

The extreme flux of remakes is getting annoying now. Im not that interested in this Remake unless they give it a revamp like the original had or at least includes re3 together with it.

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As long as they stay faithful to the original, im happy. Add crimson heads, add new story elements, such as claire or leon finding security footage of cheif irons killing the poilce officers and mayors daughter he mentioned in his file or something like that. Sorry but this has to be fixed camera angles. This is a classic RE game and should stay that way. If capcom just stick to stuff like that, il be perfectly happy.

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yes it has indeed to be fixed cameras, the original resident evil 2 was fixed camera and thats not something you just change, without fixed camera they might aswell call it revelations 3
Yea man people would lose their freakin minds if capcom changed that and rightfully so. Way i look at it is this is simply a remake, taking the original and just adding new things to it and a bit of spit and polish. No need to be all fancy and revision anything because whats their is already golden. This is for long time fans who have wanted this for over a decade, and any newer fan that says " oh this needs to be over the shoulder" il just say this. How would you react if capcom took resident evil 4 5 and 6, and made them fixed cameras? it wouldnt work because the games werent designed to play that way. So leave RE2 as it gameplay wise. Theres a reason its regarded as one of the best in the series.
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You know there's something really wrong with your franchise when the fans are more excited about remake of a 20 yr old game instead of a Sequel!


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While this is fantastic news, I'm kinda bored of Raccoon City. We have 6 games that take place in Raccoon City.

And since 2 is getting remade, they'll need to do 3 as well.
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You know there's something really wrong with your franchise when the fans are more excited about remake of a 20 yr old game instead of a Sequel!
Nothing wrong with it, people just like original content, who says you have to like or always expect a sequel when there is nothing wrong with the original. Its just technology wasn't as good as it is now, so a remake for that game sounds pretty sweet right about now. Nostalgia!
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