Anyone know much about the first phase MSTR watches?


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I've tried doing my own research and can't find much anywhere other than a few very vague posts from Meister themselves, but I've used this forum on occasion and thought it might be worth asking.

I got one of the first line of the MSTR x Capcom watches (the one with the silver casing rather than the black casing of the newer ones). First time I've posted so can't post a link unfortunately, but if you google
'MSTR umbrella corp watch' one of the first images should be a banner 'MSTR x Capcom' picture with a black background.

As far as I'm aware, they only made 250 rather than the 500 that were planned, and all were individually numbered. Mine is number 008. Other than that, I've got pretty much no information.

Does anyone know much more about them? Are they worth anything to collectors?
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