Alternate Timelines: How should things have gone?


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Okay, folks, join me on a trip back in time to mess with history! (Hey, if it's good enough for Barry Allen...)

Let's set the scene: it's back in mid-late 2000. RE: Code Veronica has just been released on Dreamcast in early February that year. We're about five and a half years away from RE4 being released.

Here's where we change the timeline and bring about an alternate future, all with one simple question: what direction would YOU have taken the RE games storyline in from Code Veronica onwards?
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Well, we needed to see Umbrella go down, but instead we got that in The Umbrella Chronicles, which looks like it was developed and designed entirely by mongoloids that had never played an entire entry in the series up to that point. There was one or two nice ideas chucked in there, like the in-between stories with Richard and Rebecca, and all the stuff with Wesker, but the rest of it was stupid and the on rails gimmick was balls as well. And 4 had to unceremoniously kill off Umbrella in one questionable cut scene 2 years previously, because Capcom just got too stupid and lazy to do it the right way. They could have even made an initial Revelations game about how the end of Umbrella came about, and that would have been way more satisfying than what we got in the long run.


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I'll never understand why they stuffed the downfall of Umbrella into a stew of badly remembered previous games that isn't even available on the main gaming platforms... You'd think something like that was important enough to justify its own numbered title. And it would have been a great way of bringing all the heroes from previous games together for the first time.

Speaking of characters, it has always annoyed me that they keep bringing in new faces instead of working with the ones they have, some of which didn't even get a proper send-off. That's one thing I would have done differently, for example by making Rebecca or Barry Chris's partner in RE5, rather than yet another newbie. Or better yet, Chris and Jill as the playable protagonists, so they can finish off Wesker together as many fans hoped, with Claire being Bird Lady instead.

If I had it my way, RE4 would have been about finishing off Umbrella, RE5 about finishing off Wesker, and since I said I wanted everybody working together for the former, the ending of RE4 could even have shown Claire's apparent death, because honestly, what happened to Jill in the actual storyline pretty much came out of nowhere.
I honestly would have had Resident Evil 4 been a Jill/Chris game with them in Russia taking down Umbrella. Like the others, I'll never understand why Capcom brushed the fall of Umbrella under the rug and gave us that abbreviated scenario in Umbrella Chronicles.

But with Capcom I guess we should just be glad that they decided to throw us any kind of bone at all.:rolleyes:
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