About the Resident Evil (1996) soundtrack


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I have here with me this album:

Plus a collection of 47 MP3 tracks extracted from the PlayStation version from the original RE, from 1996. The list of tracks can be read here, incorrectly for the album

Mars Colony Music MCM-10105-2


As it turns out, only the first game has no official release with all the music from it. This OST REMIX album does not feature the same soundtrack we can listen while playing the game, sometimes it's almost identical, however (as the title suggests) they added sound effects (compare the 2nd track from the REMIX album with "First Floor Mansion").

Mansion: Unexpected Crisis (The Nimble One)

is also different from the game, this is the part where the Hunter first appear to the player.

You can check the link with the review and more tracks to confirm all inconsistencies (I haven't checked all of them in detail).

Sadly this is the only version (as far as I know) from Resident Evil that has no official release with the original soundtrack untouched. Resident Evil 2 has two albums, Resident Evil 3 is available in two discs.

Oh, and even these 47 tracks aren't complete, since "Zombie Eating Kenneth" is censored. And of course it is extracted from the game, we can hear voices and other sound effects. So don't expect to hear only music where you couldn't in the game.

Can we expect someday in the future the full soundtrack available? I just think it's odd this hasn't been released after so many years. Did they lost the original material? Was that also why they added a new soundtrack to RE D.C. Dual Shock Version? The latter is available as an album, in two discs (Symphony Op. 91).
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