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As the title says, i really can't help but think that her character has a big inconsistance from RE1 to RE0.

I mean, in RE1 she was clearly potrayed as the rookie of the team. Almost unable to fight, unlikely to survive on her own ( see hunter incident, or the fact that she clings to Chris like a puppy, or the fact that Chris found her in the save room where she hid for who knows how much time.)

Instead, in RE0 she is the comple opposite. She fights and so on...

That sayd, this does not bother me. I only wanted to point out how things get warped by the producers of a game if it fits them. Capcom needed to do a RE1 prequel with Rebecca and so they molded her character, her personality, in order to make a " playable character " out of her.


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I think that this is one of the biggest missteps in the series, but from a different angle.

Before ZERO arrived on the scene, all we knew about Rebecca is that she was one of the only remaining survivors of the Bravo team. So, clearly she was made of some tough stuff being able to survive that long as a rookie. Then, we see what she actually went through when we play ZERO and it is a fricken doozy. Yet she acts like none of it happened in the REmake. What? Capcom was making this games at the same time. They could have at least given her some dialgue about being at the other facility or killing a QUEEN LEECH MONSTER??? haha.