A Game for Barry Burton and Raccoon City. Script for new game.

I would like another RE game to happen in Raccoon City, a few hours before RE3. The intent was to explore Mayor Michael Warren's involvement with Umbrella. Just as Brian Irons had his plot explored on RE2, this new game would be dedicated to exploring all of Warren's connections to Umbrella. Also, it would give us the opportunity to know new places of the iconic Raccoon City, besides those already presented in Outbreak, RE2 and RE3. I wish it had the same atmosphere and gameplay as RE2make.

The main character could be Barry Burton and his partner could be Billy Coen. I'm gonna explain.

The original story tells us that Barry fled to Canada with his family, but this story could be slightly changed, since Barry was saving Jill at the true end of RE3.

Barry Burton hid his family in Canada and returned - before the outbreak - clandestinely (with another identity) to Raccoon City. Barry's original plan, before the outbreak, was to collect with Billy incriminating documents and evidence against Michael Warren and Brian Irons, to hand over to the US federal authorities. The vindictive and motivated Billy Coen had accepted the mission after being led by Rebecca to seek Barry to help the veteran STARS in this purpose. On the other hand, Jill Valentine had been guided by Barry to stay in Raccoon, watching and investigating Irons (plot of the RE3).

The game would start at the Raccoon Hotel - the same hotel that sets the stage for the Outbreak. Barry is staying there with another ID. By order of the American Armed Forces, all residents and tourists were ordered to remain in their quarters. This order was issued on September 24, the beginning of the outbreak. But on September 27, Barry is surprised by the chaos set in the city and runs away from the hotel. He has no further contact with Jill and Billy. Telephone lines are damaged. Barry meets Brad Vickers and asks him to contact and help Jill Valentine about his mission.

1. The Hotel would be the first scenario of the game. Soon after, Barry goes to the City Hall to gather information about Warren. On the way to the city hall, Barry finds his friend Robert Kendo in his apartment. Kendo is with his wife (wheelchair) and his daughter. Impossible to rescue them. Kendo does not want to run away and believes the Army will deal with chaos. Kendo presents his friend with a shotgun. Barry says goodbye to Kendo and returns to the streets.

2. Barry arrives at the City Hall, the place is very large and exploitable, like the Police Station. Fairly exploitable. There, Barry is faced with a massacre of survivors. Security guards and refugee officials are killed by Mr. X. Mr. X appears for the first time. Here, Barry meets Billy. Billy identifies himself as Rebecca's friend, and exhibits the documentary evidence he had at the Training Center (RE0). The two know each other and separate.

3. Billy tells Barry that he will go to Raccoon University to find scientist Peter Jenkins, who would have found the cure (here it would be a gameplay explored by DLC). Billy says he'll find a sample of the cure (daylight). In advance, Billy suggests finding Barry at Umbrella's Central Office in the center of the city. It looks like a safe place. Barry agrees.

4. From there, Barry goes to the Raccoon Press, the headquarters of the city's largest newspaper, and there he meets Ben Bertolucci. Both explore the place. Barry asks Ben to go to the police station to meet Jill Valentine, where both will collect documents against Irons. Ben agrees, but upon arriving at the police station, he is arrested by the Irons. Before that, Ben and Barry fled the newspaper headquarters after Mr. X appeared again.

5. Before, Ben had advised Barry of information that Warren kept more documents in his vip cabin at Raccoon Stadium. These documents are so valuable that even Umbrella is behind because Warren used them as a means of protecting and blackmailing Umbrella. Barry goes to the stadium, with Mr. X in pursuit. As the city is in chaos, Barry decides to go to the stadium by underground, through the subway lines. After hours of terror inside the subway and exploring the place, he manages to take to the streets, already in the vicinity of the stadium. Barry explores the stadium and, at the end of the stage, defeats Mr. X.

6. After exploring the stadium, Barry goes to the Umbrella Commercial Building in downtown Raccoon City. A large building, many rooms and floors. Mayor Warren and other scientists meet at the scene, expecting rescue from Umbrella's special forces. In fact, it was Umbrella's trap: to gather all possible witnesses to be killed by another Mr. X, a biological weapon tasked with killing all the important witnesses in the city, who could jeopardize Umbrella in the future.

7. Barry defeats the second Mr. X and runs off the helipad by a helicopter at the top of the building. Billy appears on the spot, he managed to capture Warren alive, injured, but alive. In the helicopter, Barry was called to rescue Carlos and Jill at the Recycling Plant. End of the game.

Then we would have the scenarios: Hotel - City Hall - Raccoon Press - Subway - Stadium - Umbrella Central Office. Billy would have his own scenario: Raccoon University. Throughout this narrative, Barry meets up with Billy Coen and eventually we would play with him, just as we played with Ada, Sherry and Carlos on RE2 and RE3. Other mercenaries might also appear, like Mikail, before being killed by Nemesis and Nicolai.

I believe that Michael Warren's relationship with Umbrella was under-utilized. This relationship could be explored further.

So, would it be a good gamescript?
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Hey, this sounds like a fun time to me. I love the locations you mentioned and I think they make sense from a narrative standpoint. I do think we could use more enemies than just Mr. X type Tyrants! Maybe a unique G monster? Or something cooked up in the University Lab?

I do love your concepts!


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I like it, however I would've preferred if Billy's fate was left unanswered. He doesn't quite belong in any story beyond Zero anyway. After all they've been through together, I find it unlikely that Rebecca wouldn't keep her promise of filing his death report. I'd like to believe that Billy escaped as far away from Raccoon City and the surrounding region as possible... Because the whole point of Zero is Rebecca's journey in learning how to trust Billy, and in the end I think she even has a small crush on him. She wishes the best for him, so the best possible solution is to just let him go - which she does. There's no need to change this perfect ending to Billy's story. He disappears and is never heard from again, and Rebecca never mentions him to anyone. It's her sweet little secret.

Why not use Rebecca instead? There's no explanation in the series as to how she escapes Raccoon City before its destruction. And I honestly believe Barry and Rebecca would make for an awesome team. After all, they are together with Jill and Chris the only surviving members of former S.T.A.R.S.
Coming back after a while.

Well, I chose Billy because he is a little explored character in the franchise and because he has an interesting background as a former lieutenant of the military forces. He is an appropriate character to live in Raccoon City,
clandestinely, after the events of RE0.

Rebecca Chambers can appear as a sidekick character. She is a young girl of only 19 years old and dreamed of being a doctor. She could be at Raccoon University as a medical student and at the same time helping Barry and Jill's team gather information about Peter Jenkins and Greg Mueller.

Regarding enemies other than Mr. X, I believe Mr. X fits in an organized and consistent manner with the franchise plot, especially events in september 1998. Why? Because we know that six units of tyrant (Mr. X) were sent to Raccoon City for the purpose of eliminating witnesses.

Because Umbrella thought Barry had fled to Canada, only Jill and Brad were being hunted by Nemesis, an improved version of tyrant to eliminate STARS members. Therefore, when Barry arrives at City Hall, he encounters one of the six Mr. X eliminating the witnesses from the place. When Mr. X learns that Barry is alive, he goes after him.
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