A defective hard drive killed approximately 3 days worth of content :(


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Here's the skinny: A hard drive took it upon itself to die and take with it somewhere in the region of 48-72 hours worth of content with it.

It majorly, majorly sucks, and it's even more suck-y that it's taken me this long to get to the bottom of the problem. I'm looking into more efficient ways of making a majorly suck-y event occur far, far less frequently. Here's what's going to change: I'm going to schedule even more frequent automated backups, and I'm going to swap out the crumby old mechanical hard drives currently in use with super swish solid state drives. SSDs are widely considered much more reliable and efficient, and much less suck-y and not nearly as prone to spontaneous death.

I know that a bunch of posts have been lost in perpetual intarweb limbo, and that just isn't groovy. Many of you are deservedly frustrated, and so am I. However, it is ultimately up to me to ensure that the cogs turn as smoothly as possible and that's why you guys deserve an apology: Guys, I'm sorry. There's really nothing that could have been done about the hard drive seizure, but my complacency in the backup system means that much of your time and energy was wasted.

Things are going to change in order to make sure this level of bull poopery doesn't happen again (or at worst super duper infrequently).

While it will obviously remain a headache for many of you that your posts - your thoughts - were lost, I hope that it won't dissuade you from helping to continue building this community. We may have lost a few bricks, but the house is still standing, amirite? Eh, eh?

Love you guys. <3


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I well knew that it would been hardware failure with that forum crash, well i know how its to loose some data as once i had something like that with mine main PC where one of disks chosen to die on me in the past


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It's ok. We still love you. I have a nice box of porn to cheer you up. OLD school magazines and such. I think there's a photo of me in there too, though I couldn't say why.

We all know this really happened because we haven't played RE5 yet, Steve.
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