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Resident Evil 2 (2019) 2nd Run Extended Cut

Nov 22, 2021
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So after finishing my RE3 Remake extended cut series, I got to thinking about possibly doing the same for RE2 Remake. Of course, when you compare the two, it's easier to see which one feels more complete than the other. After some thinking, I realized that it was the 2nd run scenarios that felt more rushed than their first run counterparts.
So I decided to focus on them, incorporating elements to create a different playthrough overall.

Regardless of which character is chosen the second run remake begins at the gas station. While the A character searches inside the B character searches outside. In Leon's case, he searches the deputy's patrol car, while Claire makes her phone call in the phone booth.

We then jump to just after the tanker explosion, the B character must reach the police station. To do so they head down a T-shaped alley to their right that puts them in front of the side gate to the Police Station. Unfortunately, a burning car blocks the way so they must duck down a long zombie-infested alley that runs between two buildings. Reaching the end, they find the path leading to the street blocked by a gate covered with zombies forcing them to seek shelter through the side door of a building. This leads straight into Emmy's Diner. They encounter a fat bald zombie cook in the kitchen feasting on the corpse of a waitress and find a few files scattered around. In the manager's office, there is a set of keys as well as a safe which when opened reveals either the extended magazine or the speed loader. Unfortunately, this triggers a zombie invasion through the front windows, forcing them to duck out the opposite side door which leads to the street by the construction site where Jill fought Nemesis a day earlier. From here it's a long gauntlet run to the police station side gate.

After the reunion cutscene, the B character follows the A character's footsteps to the main hall. The main difference this time is the greater presence of the zapping system which affects the puzzles you have to solve and the locks you need to open. Ex the chains cut by the bolt cutters and the fuse in the fusebox.

Upon arriving a new cutscene plays in which Leon and Claire reunite again. The B character is formally introduced to Marvin whose condition is beginning to worsen. They agree to split up to find the remaining medallions. But not before the B character is given a radio.

During the first boss fight with Birkin, the B character assists the A character with the help of a control console in the room where Sherry was hiding. This console controls the pressure release for the steam valves, which can be used to stun or disorient Birkin. The key is to use the cameras and monitor the gauge for steam pressure, if it's too high it'll release automatically, too low and it won't affect Birkin.

In both scenarios, Leon goes first, leaving Claire behind to watch Sherry. After hearing gunshots Claire heads out to help him. She catches the tail end of Leon's introduction to Ada.

"Who was that?" Claire asks.

"I don't know answers Leon, but I'm gonna find out." After Claire's encounter with Irons, She calls Leon on the radio and tells him what happened.

Depending on whether it's Claire's 1st or 2nd scenario, Chief Iron's fate will differ. in the 1st scenario, he dies by Chestburster, in the second he is torn limb from limb by Birkin in front of Sherry's eyes. Sherry's segment will also differ with the 1st game having her trying to flee the orphanage and the 2nd having her being dragged by Irons to the elevator only for him to be torn apart by Birkin. She rides the elevator down and is forced to flee into the sewers to try and escape her mutated father.

In either case, Mr. X does not show up at the orphanage and gets killed by Birkin. That didn't make any sense to me, Tyrant or not that was deader than a doornail. Instead, Birkin attacks the elevator causing it to crash.

Leon and Ada's encounter with Kendo also changes depending on the scenario. In the 1st one, their encounter ends with Kendo euthanizing Emma and committing suicide. In the second scenario, Emma transforms into a zombie and attacks her father, forcing Ada to kill her. Enraged, Kendo aims his shotgun at her forcing Leon to shoot him in self-defense. Needless to say, this is probably the low point of the rookie's day.

During the sewer segment, the A character's partner will be trapped in the disposal room. Meanwhile, the B Character's partner will be met in the sewers. Sherry will run into her mother who gives her a wristband and tells her to hide in the tram and wait for her. Meanwhile, Ada escapes by diving into the treatment pool.

After acquiring the senior research ID chip, Mr X chases the player all the way back to the central shaft. This area becomes the arena for an alternate boss battle that replaces the battle with Birkin's third form in the A game. The fight is pretty similar to your normal encounters with the Tyrant, except you can't flee the room. You have to down him a few times until eventually either Ada or Annette depending on who you're playing as intervenes and manages to send Mr. X over the railing. Unfortunately this rescue comes at the cost of their own life. It is here we see Leon and Ada's final kiss, and Sherry's goodbye to her Mother from the original RE2.

Now the set up of the endgame is kinda skewed in my opinion, one because the walkway to the Senior Research Section always collapses. This poses two problems. One there is no way Ada could've survived a fall from that height. And two it makes Claire's second run un-completable. So I figured we need to make some changes to Leon's A game. First instead of meeting Annette in the room where you fight Birkin, she contacts Leon over the intercom just as he's about to take the G-Virus sample. When he doubts her accusations. Annette tells him, she searched the cable car and found Ada was gone.

After taking the sample, he heads into the Bio-reactor room and finds Ada waiting for him. After realizing her cover is blown the scene from the central shaft plays out. As Leon lowers his pistol Barking breaks through the ceiling and rushes toward him. Ada pushes him over the side and is backhanded by one of Birkin's back arms. The central platform lowers automatically as the PA announces a Biohazard threat has sealed the room.

After the battle, Leon rushes to Ada's side. Ada convinces him her injures are too severe and gives him one final kiss before slumping lifelessly over to the side.

(Update: Since the game doesn't give a lot of time for backtracking at the end, Claire tosses Leon Sherry's pendent in her 2nd run game.)

For the final battle, the A character will face Mr. X and the B Character will fight Birkin's fourth form. The story for Leon's B game is that Claire leads Mr. X away while he and Sherry escape.

And that's it, Like I said RE2 Remake didn't need as big an overhaul as RE3 Remake did. I think I managed to incorporate enough cut story elements from the original game without overburdening the Remake's existing story. Just enough to add a fresh perspective to the second runs of the game.
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