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  1. MartinMilk

    Do you think there will ever be more dlc's?

    Nope, Capcom dropped RE2 quicker than Umbrella Corps.
  2. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Warriors All-Stars (PS4 pro) Dynasty warrior game but with crossover characters from all popular Koei Tecmo games.. It was fun playing through the characters I personally enjoy most. It dosen't run too well even on a PS4 pro and it look very.. bad! It would be excuseable if this game was a PS...
  3. MartinMilk

    Price Drop for Console This Week

    wait for PS5, it will most likley be backwards compatible and if it isn't the old consoles will drop even more if you haven't gotten them already
  4. MartinMilk

    Have no issue with them outsourcing when it comes to the spin-off's but plz keep the main...

    Have no issue with them outsourcing when it comes to the spin-off's but plz keep the main entries in house
  5. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Dead or Alive 6 (PS4 pro) Been playing a lot of DOA6 since it came out. But only now I finished the story which was way too short and not interesting at all. Only good part were the humour Honoka & Marie Rose provided. You didn't even get a trophy for playing through that it felt like a waste of...
  6. MartinMilk

    Which RE6 Campaign is Your Favorite?

    Chris & Piers.. Feel like people disliked it most back then because they didn't know how to play RE6 properly.. which was the case for me. Now I love playing as Piers with his sick AMR.
  7. MartinMilk

    Which Remake Playthrough is the Hardest?

    Claire B i'd say.
  8. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Dead or Alive 5 + (PS Vita) Finished the story mode to refresh myself for DOA6. Dead or Alive is my favorite fighting franchise and the story mode in my opinion is great. Alot of cutscenes funny humor.. the overall plot is a little dumb but fits this series so well. Too bad the online is dead...
  9. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    If you read my points i'd find it hard to still consider it a 'near perfect' game. It's great but should have been more of what the original remake for re1 was. That added so much to the overall game while still staying true. RE2 is gorgeous and looks like a great remake, but as I said with the...
  10. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4 pro & Xbox One) Finished all the campaigns and scenarios. It's a very polished game so it's easy to get blinded by the flaws that I see in the game. Sadly there are a few.. 1, Removed weapons & creatures. I don't understand why the iconic bow gun wasn't included, and...
  11. MartinMilk

    Cross console/backward compatibility?

    Sorry no crossplattform. Which is sad especially for Xbox users where the playerbase is almost none existant.
  12. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Yakuza 6 Song of Life (PS4) Might sound strange to some, but I decided that Yakuza 6 would be the first game in the series I try. The reasoning behind this was mostly due to the fact that it's fully voiced so I won't get tired of having to read through conversations. I have played a similar game...
  13. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) What can I say, great game.. masterpeice even. Glad I played this again now.. Gives me perspective on how great the galaxy games are even compared to the newer games. In my opinion the concept of having levels like these instead of bigger worlds are much better...
  14. MartinMilk

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Super Lucky's Tale (Xbox One) Targeted to kids I do enjoy 3D platformers so I decided to give it a shot anyway. Ok game, could have used some more personality to the main character.. Some stages where honestly really hard xD Fun game i'd say pick up if you have a younger brother or sister! Or...
  15. MartinMilk

    Ada Redesign Leak

    Don't expect them to look similar.. geez why do people still get confused and surprised. Anyway I think it's a neat style, wish she was wearing more red.. Other than that Hair look very Ada like! So overall.. not bad
  16. MartinMilk

    Onslaught Mode (Need someone to play with)

    (PS3 / 360 / PC) Hello. I'm in need to fins someone who is willing to play onslaught mode with me. I'm not looking to get achivements or boost. I just want someone who is willing to play with me on any of the versions I stated. The reason why is because this mode is fastest way to raise your...
  17. MartinMilk

    Will we see a Nemesis cameo in REmake 2?

    Any cool or fun fan service idea you or anyone else have won't be in the game. Sorry but Capcom don't like creative ideas.. They do however enjoy to mess with the fans by giving their main characters funky new looks and voices in every game :)
  18. MartinMilk

    Revelations 2 Best game since RE4? (Seriously Underrated)

    The raid mode and event aspects of is what makes this game even better than five and 4 imo!! extra content is soo good and fun!
  19. MartinMilk

    New forum member, OG fan

    That's amazing dude! Are you able to provide picture of the merchandise? I play Outbreak online on a Japanese PS2 which is the easiest way to make it work! If you need any help or have questions about it feel free to message me. :) This is new information you providing us and me and my Outbreak...
  20. MartinMilk

    New forum member, OG fan

    Hmm.. intersting.. mind telling us more about the Umbrella Combat Comission Rebels group? I'm a huge fan of the Outbreak series and still play both games online through private servers for the Japanese release. I am VERY interested in knowing any bits of information you have from those times! :)