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Recent content by weskerondope

  1. weskerondope

    Resident Evil (2002) / HD Remaster (2015) wierd glitch just happened to me

    im playing as jill, im in the caves took the lift down, together with barry of course entered the lisa trevor "corridor" went into the other room and pushed the crate onto the lift thing and sent the lift away, i backtrack, i expect to see barry chicken out and take the lift up as he allways do...
  2. weskerondope

    Resident Evil Netflix series in production

    i would rather have a show about a black barry and a lesbian jill running around in the spencer mansion looking for chris and wesker, than some brand new walking dead ripoff who only borrows the title "resident evil" but once again fails to tell the story, seriously we have in total 9 movies...
  3. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    yeah, i dont normally sell my games, even though i have a complete european copy of gaiden which is worth a few hundred dollars at least but i did play until dawn, that game suck so hard i sold it. besides, the day games are digital only is the day video gaming is dead an buried, i will only...
  4. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    yeah, but the way i see it, digital copies are just rental copies, it doesnt really count unless its a disc, cartridge or nintendo ds etc you cant sell your digital copies should you get tired of them, i have resident evil gaiden for example, its complete and worth at least a few hundred...
  5. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    thats pretty cool man, i collect myself the games for ps1,ps2,ps3.ps4, psvita. gbc. nds, 3ds, n64. gc, wii, wiiu, xbox360, sega saturn, dreamcast and pc. i dont have every game for every system though, its incomplete for ps3 (dont have rev2 or any of the japanese remasters) and pc is incomplete...
  6. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    that would have been very groovy, never got to play it online, here in europe outbreak 1 didnt even have online support, just file 2, and the servers where all down when i bought them, still they are fun as heck on single player, except when the bots go nuts yeah i guess your right about...
  7. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    cool, personally i would never wanna play for example the gamecube remake of 1 with the ps1 soundtrack, but on the other hand who cares what i think got my resi2 today, promised my friend not to play it untill we meet next friday for a gaming weekend, kinda sucks to wait another week, thank god...
  8. weskerondope

    Resident Evil Netflix series in production

    im scpetical as hell, on the other hand stranger things is awesome, so hopefully it wont be crap, hard to say now, just never had any good resident evil experince in the movies, not even capcoms cg films but of course it wont hurt to have more of this glorious franschise, if it sucks ill leave...
  9. weskerondope

    Uncategorised It's nearly time

    i havent played the demo yet, im saving myself for friday when i get the disc, something i havent done with any re game since re5, allways played demos first (revelations 2 probably didnt have a demo, but after re6 i lost interest, but i came back when re7 announced and downloaded a free copy of...
  10. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil 2 Remake Save Room theme

    i dont understand why anybody would wanna use the original soundtrack, i mean its a "remake" so whats the point of getting a brand new game if it means you have to listen to tunes you allready know? that is of course unless the user above me is right about them recording the old soundtrack...
  11. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - Official DEMO thread

    did you know you can change the buttons on the playstation settings? most people dont realize that when i played re7 i hated that i had to use the analog stick to run, so i simply swapped L1 with L3, so i would run with L1 and block with the analog stick instead, that leads me to ask if anyone...
  12. weskerondope

    Uncategorised how would you rate the series?

    well i suppose i rate them mostly from how fun i think they are to play, the storylines are changing from game to game anyway so not much to pay attention too, i also think its important to be able to have fun with the game more than one time, re6 for example kinda did entertain me the first...
  13. weskerondope

    Uncategorised how would you rate the series?

    i might have posted this a few years back, but this websites design has changed a lot unfortunatly and a few more games are out anyway but how would you rate the individual games in the series on a scale from 1-10? im mostly curious about the main games but feel free to add the spinoffs or even...
  14. weskerondope

    Resident Evil 7 gold edition content

    so now that the gold edition is out i have a few questions to those who bought a physical copy what content is on the disc? both "not a hero" and "end of zoe" ot just "end of zoe" or is it just download codes for the dlcs?
  15. weskerondope

    So, has anyone here played the other Mikami horror shooters?

    i liked both evil within games. not nearly as much as the classic resident evil games but they are great games either way