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Recent content by Wesker90

  1. Wesker90

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Do You Prefer Playing as Leon or Claire?

    Usually Claire I just think her arc is a bit more interesting.
  2. Wesker90

    Resident Evil: Village Dislike of resident evil village?

    I'm the opposite of some tbh I initially had zero interest then gave it a shot and came out appreciating it more, It's good when you don't compare it to it's superior's.
  3. Wesker90

    Your Personal RE Game Rankings

    Must have missed this thread... I will admit I haven't played every single title unfortunately as you will see I practically refused to touch RE6 and had little interest in RE8, Others I just never had the chance tbf. The following is in rough order all the way down. Top Tier: RE1 RE2 RE4...
  4. Wesker90

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021)

    Looking forward to it!
  5. Wesker90

    Resident Evil 4 What is the Best RE 4 Loadout?

    Is this general Campaign? I just run around with the Shotgun and TMP. Chicago Typewriter if I feel cheap just for fun.
  6. Wesker90

    Resident Evil: Village Who's your favorite Dimitrescu Daughter?

    Mine is Daniela by far, She's cute and deadly, I find her delusional romance linked verbiage during the fight appealing and perhaps more unique as opposed to her simply bloodlusted older siblings. Strangely I think she stands out of the trio more and compared to them almost more laid-back and...
  7. Wesker90

    Could the Queen Leech defeat the following 1v1?

    Tyrant(002) Mr X(Mutated) Lady Dimitrescu(Mutated) G-Birkin(3rd Malformation) Nemesis(Base form) Wesker(Uroboros) Alexia Ashford(1st form) I find the very first abomination you deal with canonically in the franchise incredibly underrated and ignored tbh it's pretty much forgotten and while...
  8. Wesker90

    Umbrella vs Tricell

    The two Pharmaceutical businesses were rivals of course but what was the reason Tricell could not specifically compete with Umbrella exactly? They were fairly well established and organised enough I'm guessing they were less ambitious... VS Was there anyway Tricell could logically oppose...
  9. Wesker90

    Should Wesker Be Resurrected?

    Wesker is the OG villain of the franchise and I kinda miss his presence bring felt even if he's tugging behind the scenes so sure if there was a fairly convincing way to bring him back into the fold go for it.
  10. Wesker90

    What Do You Think About Silent Hill?

    I can appreciate it's more psychological horror aspects but outside of that I can't get into it like I can with Resident Evil it lacks the 'On the go' kind of vibe.
  11. Wesker90

    Which next gen console are you purchasing for RE8?

    Title speaks for itself but I'm going with PS5 mainly because I miss having a Sony console I only had PSX and PS2.
  12. Wesker90

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) How would you rate REmake 2?

    Sounds to me you just don't like Survival horror.
  13. Wesker90

    Resident Evil 4 First time playing RE4 in 2020

    Well said I agree, The Castle chapter carried the creepy atmosphere fairly well compared to the Village/Island.
  14. Wesker90

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Your Scenario Quiz 2.0

    Claire was my ideal scenario in both REmake and Original so there's that.
  15. Wesker90

    What are you watching?

    Covering content of Raw/Smackdown/ECW/NXT on the WWE Network recently. As for shows unrelated to wrestling the last series I watched was Witcher earlier in January.