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  • Hello ValentineFan! I thought you were a boy like most of the Jill fans with Jill avatars. I just realized I was wrong. :p

    So you're a member of residentevilfan.com forum? I visited that site and I can't find any forum there.
    Hi, valentine. Have you been on other RE forums before? I've seen somebody with the same name and appinions when I was a member of residentevilfan.com. was that you?
    Hi there! I'm fairly new to this site too. Been a fan of RE for about 9 years now. Hope you have fun, everyone's really friendly here!
    Hey there. I'm new this site but I am a hardcore Resident Evil fan for a long time now. I'm just saying hi and I'm just trying to make new friends.
    Ms.Redfieldgirl (Megan)
    Thanks! It took me ages to get the signature up, basically cos' I didn't know how to do it! The picture is one of my fave Re ones, it's not that often you get ones with the main cast together.
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