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Recent content by UniqTeas

  1. UniqTeas

    What are you thinking? General Gaming Edition!

    Truly, SH2 is the safer bet, but damn, we could have all 3 original SH remade. But yes, it is easier to remake considering how centralized the story is outside of all of the complex lore surrounding other games. I look forward to it regardless though.
  2. UniqTeas

    Resident Evil: Village Shadows of Rose DLC

    I started the Shadows of Rose DLC last night and I am really enjoying it, but I am so tired of games not giving you enough ammo and asking you to run past enemies. Just let me murder everything. From a respectable distance. lol. It is fun having a good story element to add in the supernatural...
  3. UniqTeas

    What are you thinking? General Gaming Edition!

    I think Konami should have started with a remake of the original Silent Hill. SH2 is the bigger title, but you can add so much lore to the original and make it playable to a whole new generation of people. I loved ****tered Memories, but that is a different game and not the same story as the...
  4. UniqTeas

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Well, Happy Early Birthday! Don't shoot your eye out kid. haha. Saturday also happens to be my One Year Wedding Anniversary! Big day for a lot of folks.
  5. UniqTeas

    Which Re character would you like to date?

    You are right. I used the wrong terminology. But a lot of the cast is very action hero oriented, and I am more couch oriented. haha. But you are right. They are surprisingly NOT a hateful bunch. Just folks on a mission, generally.
  6. UniqTeas

    Which Re character would you like to date?

    If we are looking at this purely from a physical angle, Ada would be my top choice. But I think Rebecca would be the most real life relationship material in my eyes. She never felt hateful or angry - just looking to survive and I think that would translate well to a relationship.
  7. UniqTeas

    What's everybody playing?

    I made a mistake and started FFX Remastered on my downstairs TV and Star Ocean: The Last Hope upstairs, so now I am stuck playing two seperate 60+ hour jrps. haha. I am enjoying it, but it still feels like a chore, especially when I have put over 200 hours in to Final Fantasy X when it was new...
  8. UniqTeas

    It's happening guys!

    All of the remakes have been arguably GOOD games, but there is no topping the original REmake. The way they took the original game and only added material and story to make the best version of the game was really something that clicked with me. On the flip side, there are a lot of goofy...
  9. UniqTeas

    Original Trilogy Remastered Potential

    I have my PS2 still working if I want to play the original games. I just really want to play them on modern hardware and maybe looking a touch better. I would also love to see Trophies/Achievements added. I have played the original RE2 and RE3 probably about 10-12 times each through the years...
  10. UniqTeas

    Original Trilogy Remastered Potential

    JUST IN CASE there is indeed an Original Trilogy Remaster on the horizon, I just want to share this little e-mail I had with Capcom about a month back: Hello, Thank you for contacting Capcom Customer Support. Regarding classic Resident Evil titles on modern platforms, no announcements have...
  11. UniqTeas

    Infected by Gains - Forum Workout and Weightloss Updates!

    That initial lifestyle bump is so addictive. Every few months, I get really in to working out for a few weeks and that initial feeling of sore muscles and making the right decisions gives me such a rush of dopamine. I am in that mode right now and it feels great.
  12. UniqTeas

    Resident Evil 3 Remake How would you fix the Resident Evil 3 Remake?

    There are 1,000 minor tweaks that could be made to improve the game, but here are a few of my top ones: -Give Nemesis his tentacle form for the Clock Tower battle. Seriously, his dog beast form is a great addition, but you face him twice in the same form with very similar mechanics. Since he is...
  13. UniqTeas

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    I loved apartment living when I was in my early 20s. It was great being a part of the community and getting to know all of your neighbors. I unfortunately had some bad neighbors when I was about 25. There was a group of SUPER rich turkish kids living in the apartment below me and they were so...
  14. UniqTeas

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Absence of Mayor Warren

    I never really though of it, but you are right. Maybe they wanted to focus more on the UBCS characters, so they made the Raccoon conspiracy less prevalent. But they really could explore Mayor Warren in a Outbreak File #3!
  15. UniqTeas

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    I am always worries when I have to pay such an exorbitant amount. haha. It is better than paying rent though. Every payment goes to the house, so if I ever sell it, I potentially make profit. At least it helps to see it that way. lol