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  1. TRCMods

    Lockdown Reviews. My RE review series

    Hi guys I've been working on a review series for the Resident Evil games. This is the introduction video and the playlist already has RE 0, HD Remaster and 2 Remake. This is very much a hobby project. My youtube isn't monotised and I'm not looking to make it as a content creator. (not at this...
  2. TRCMods

    What's everybody playing?

    Just replaying the Re7 dlcs not a hero and end of Zoe. I'm not sure after that. P5 strikers looks fun but I rarely buy games new and full price.
  3. TRCMods

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) Is this game truly the greatest game in the franchise?

    RE 2 remake is objectively better in terms of graphics, gameplay mechanics, story, pacing and atmosphere. However fun isn't something you can measure objectively. Neither is nostalgia. RE 2 came out at a time when developers were still experimenting with how 3d games should actually play while...
  4. TRCMods

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) Which Original Scenario Pair Do You Prefer?

    Clair A Leon B just makes more sense. Birkin is Sherries father so he should be Clair's biggest problem with Leon and Ada dealing with the other guy. Also Ada's "death" is much cooler in Leon's B game.
  5. TRCMods

    Hi all

    Since I joined I'll shoot a quick intro. I'm a long time RE player, started in 1998. I've played all the mainline titles and most of the side games, though I'm playing catch up on revelations at the moment. I've read the books and got the RE 2 board game with B expansion and 4th survivor...