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Recent content by trag

  1. trag

    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    RE2 (1998) Leon B Scenario 10/10 of course. Lol. My brother got me DMC5 for christmas but I probably will never get to it. I don't play games too often these days, mainly just old RE titles.
  2. trag

    Save Room Music

    The OG 1996 RE or Code Veronica. Obviously 2 and 3 are up there. They're all good but definitely 1 and CVX for me. cvx save room theme
  3. trag

    Show me your face

    from my instagram obviously. my wife will never understand my nerdiness/obsession with OG resident evil games, lol.
  4. trag

    Song covers that are better than the original

    LOL, I was going hard on Orgy's first two albums the other week (Candy Ass and Vapor Transmission). I loved them back in the late 90s and to be honest, I still really enjoy those albums. My music tastes have vastly changed since I was a teenager but Orgy had a really cool sound and they wrote...
  5. trag


  6. trag


    So for anyone who might be bored and enjoys watching Let's Plays. I've been slowly chipping away at my YouTube channel. Now that winter is effectively here, I've been in the basement nerding out as a way to avoid Cabin Fever. My set up is quite janky but I'm working on ways to improve my mic...
  7. trag

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) Is this game truly the greatest game in the franchise?

    RE2 and RE4 are arguably the best. My personal favorite is the OG Resident Evil.
  8. trag

    Creating Let's Plays for the RE series. Links to follow.

    Creating Let's Plays for the RE series. Links to follow.
  9. trag

    Favorite Game Console?

    PS3 because it can also play PSX games. Runner up: PS2 and SNES.
  10. trag

    What makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil?

    A sense of mystery. Inventory management. Finite resources. A sense of dread/danger. Coming to the aid of someone you care deeply about. Overcoming impossible odds.
  11. trag

    Ranking the RE games on story only

    RE1 - Love the mystery and emphasis on STARS RE2 - Honestly, the best narrative in the whole series but RE1 will always be my favorite RE3 - I love the 3rd act of the Raccoon City trilogy, love what they did with Jill. Carlos is so-so but it's a great narrative all the same. REV1 - The story...
  12. trag


    Definitely. I was listening to the Project Umbrella Podcast retrospective for Survivor and the multiple paths sounded really interesting. I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to RE titles so I'll be surprised if I find myself really disliking it. I almost bought it back when it first released on...
  13. trag


    Exciting to find some forums that are actually functioning and seem to have current posts. Avid RE fan, now that it's getting cold out I find myself playing through the RE titles once again. I was 12 when the original RE came out so I'm definitely more of a fan of the classic era than 4-5-6...