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Recent content by TecmoZack

  1. TecmoZack

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Heck yes! Good to hear. Ditto. Dark and dreary days make the motivation tough.
  2. TecmoZack

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Yeah. I struggle the most in Jan - Beginning of March every year. It's wild. Like Clockwork. I win most of the mental battles though. I used to be extremely hefty in my 20's. Been at or around the 200s in weight my entire 30's. Boy do I love to have the occasional Frozen Yogurt cheat day lol
  3. TecmoZack

    REN Birthdays

    Thank you!
  4. TecmoZack

    What's everybody playing?

    Just Finished Tomb Raider Definitive edition last night. On to Rise.
  5. TecmoZack

    REN Birthdays

    March 14th for me
  6. TecmoZack

    What's everybody playing?

    Just Finished RE2 Remake, RE3 Remake and Re7. Playing RE4 and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition currently.
  7. TecmoZack

    Any Tomb Raider fans here?

    I'm currently playing this. Have 2 and 3 in my backlog. I enjoy it for what it is (which to me is pretty much a version of Uncharted). I hear the new direction now this trilogy is finished is a return to the games roots. I'm about it. I played and loved all the OG games on ps1
  8. TecmoZack

    So Bad It's Good

    Starship Troopers and OG Tomb Raider with Jolie.
  9. TecmoZack

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    I really do not want to go to the gym.. I want Frozen Yogurt. LOL The struggle is real.
  10. TecmoZack

    Latest purchases thread

    Pre-ordered this. Returnal and Resident Evil Village are also pre-ordered.
  11. TecmoZack

    Resident Evil: Village re8 better graphics on ps5?

    I think this will look better on the 5&X as it was made for those consoles. They went back and made it BC with last gen (maybe a reason this was not a launchist release). This and Returnal should be a visual showcase for what to expect the next 12ish months of Next gen I believe. The Maiden...
  12. TecmoZack

    Resident Evil: Village Item box or no item box?

    I loved the way the item boxes were used in 7. I hope they keep it. The Collector's edition comes with an Item Box so confirmation it is in? Maybe?
  13. TecmoZack


    Thank you!
  14. TecmoZack


    I'm Zack. Been a fan since Re1 on the Ps1. I'm from Dallas TX. My hobbies involve collecting (Video Game Collectors Editions, Steel Book Blu Rays, Few Comics, And Sports Cards), working out, and playstation. Game on!
  15. TecmoZack

    Which next gen console are you purchasing for RE8?

    Ps5. I went on a mad hunt to find one the moment I saw the demo for Maiden during the showcase. Scored the Collectors Edition as well for Village. Hyped!