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Recent content by teal27

  1. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 THE Mercenaries Thread

    I posted awhile ago here but I'll post again just in case. If anyone wants a reliable half-way decent partner in Mercs to help them out, just give me an add. :) I can't recall exact numbers but I have gotten "S" ranks on several Mercs levels and "SS" on a handful of Mercs: Reunion levels...
  2. teal27

    Random Facts.

    You can't lick your elbow. Yes, I tried. Diet Tip: If it tastes good, spit it out.
  3. teal27

    do you guys use walkthroughs?

    If I'm absolutely and totally stuck, yes, I might, but for the most part I stick to the rule that on my first playthrough, I do so without help. :) For Resi 5 this wasn't a problem. I don't recall ever getting so stuck that I felt I needed help. Usually the games that present more difficulty...
  4. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 Things People Do Online That Annoy You

    Yup. I agree. I apply that to the workplace as well as the gaming world. :) I remember what it was like learning new things and I try very hard to be patient with those who are now learning the same things that now seem so easy to me. It should be no different and, in fact, even more...
  5. teal27


    Happy B-Day! :)
  6. teal27

    My RE-5 Figure Collection

    They look awesome! And the team is only going to kick more butt with the addition of Wolverine. :D
  7. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 My biggest gripe with RE5

    Yep, that is pretty silly I gotta say. :confused: I also noticed he seems to get grabbed by the women more than the men . . . they may be bug-brains but they aren't blind. ;)
  8. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5, 1 Year Anniversary.

    I was probably at work. Working. Blah. I didn't get Resi 5 until a month later because I didn't think I'd like it.
  9. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5 dissapointments

    I'm obsessed with head shots. I get cranky at myself if I can't score them consistently, ha ha, I don't know why. A kill is a kill but I'm weird like that. Even once I get infinite ammo. With that in mind, I don't mind the lack of "run and gun" in RE5. In real life, the most movement even...
  10. teal27

    How Do You Feel

    I feel okay. Don't want to go to work but then I guess nobody ever does. Think I may need some chocolate; that could do the trick. :P Kind of anxious about getting my car in the shop; needs work done and I can already see the "$" flying out of my pocket. *sigh*
  11. teal27

    I just had a horrible thought...

    Um, no. Ew. I must now go scrub my brain.
  12. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 My biggest gripe with RE5

    ^ Aw, cool that Roger Craig Smith came back to do his voice in Darkside. ^__^ Anyhoo, can't complain about Chris. Obviously.:wub: His build never seemed that unrealistic to me. I mean, it's bulky, yeah, but I can think of numerous other video game characters who look way more unrealistic in...
  13. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

    I got it yesterday. It looks so purdy, lol. Not sure when I'll get to give it a try and look at the new content, because I'm busy letting my brain get consumed by FFXIII but 'til then Gold is sitting, sparkling and wondrous, on my desk. :D
  14. teal27

    Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

    I'm getting it. I don't like the idea of DLC simply because it could be lost. I like to have a hard copy. :) I'm getting it for the PS3 and as far as I know the saved data from the original RE5 should be compatible with RE5: Gold. :)
  15. teal27

    Your favorite Resident evil music

    wolfgirl, I love those remixes! Especially the remix for RE2's Save Room; that one was awesome, I'm going to see if I can get it. :D Everyone has posted some great music from the series, so I'll just tack on some of my favorites from RE5: Sad But True...