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  • wow!! i looked at your art page and you sure know how to draw, im speechless as to how awesome of an artist you are :)
    Aw! *blush* Are you sure you don't need glases? Lol. J/K! Thanks for the compliment. I guess I'm just never satisfied with my stuff. :)
    Yeah I also tried fanart once but I pretty much suck at drawing XD so I left it to the pro's XD So yeah I would LOVE to see one of your masterpieces lol.
    Hey what's up teal27? Just passing by because I heard from a birdie that you draw fanart, I love fanart, I like to see it but I don't draw any XD. haha so yeah see ya later :)
    Hey, if you want, we can group up with a couple of my friends to play team slayers =)
    This is XCons
    I don't mean to bug you, but you're the only one on my friend's list on.. I keep losing my bookmarks in firefox.. it's so annoying, what browser do you use?
    Here's a bunch of skilled gamers here, I'm sure everyone can learn quite a bit. My skill is limited to RE4.
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