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  • What is a "guilt trip"?
    I hope you have not lost that picture because it was really good. Don't tell me you delete fine art? If I could I would be really tempted to steal it and save it to my hard disk lol. But I don't know if you would allow it...? :pirate:
    Hi dear! I really miss you now. And I came to think about the homemade sig you had a long time ago, the one with cartoon style drawings of the Resi characters. I looked at your Sheezyart page but I couldn't find it.

    I hope you come back soon!
    That's just a matter of 3-4 days. Have fun playing!
    It's nice hearing from you my friend. You're not too often here. ;)
    When is FF 13 due? I'll not be able to play it on any of my current hardware, but I look forward for the reviews anyway. :D
    Hello there, I just had to point out your signature, it could no longer be ignored.:)

    Cool Chris pic, clever with the definition and all, but the bottom kind of made me laugh, "Rest in pieces".:)
    Quoting you...
    "Meh, I don't really like scary games, so I'm not even sure how I ended up at this forum, lulz."
    I just want to add - without hijacking that thread - that I'm very happy that you ended up here. :)
    Haha but I do not know Sheva, I've not tried RE5. But I've read about her and seen a limited number of images. So it's not strange that I didn't recognize her.

    How do you do the drawing anyway? Do you have some kind of pen wired to the computer? A mouse is hopeless, I've tried in MS Paint haha. The drawings looked like they were made by a 3-year old. :p

    Whatever method you use, the results are really good.
    You mean the cute look ("cutesy")? I think it is really cute haha.
    Who is the girl standing next to Wesker? It must be some RE5 girl, Sheva? What's her last name? I can't read the nametag unless I already know what it's supposed to say.
    Ditto. ^^ I have so many fics I wanna do. One of these days. XD
    *Le gasp!* If I wasn't a lazy ass who never updated the fics she already has, id SO think about making a fic about that. Certainly not a bad idea at all. It's a shame, I have so many good ideas for fics for RE and other series that I like too, but I never get around to jotting them down. It's a shame, I used to write my butt off.
    Hey! How are you?
    I visited your homepage. Did you draw everything there? It's fine art! I love it.
    :O I also, like dark_zero looked at your art page and wow!! They are AMAZING! You certainly have a gift for drawing! And your description for the Chrill kiss is just pure love :D Have a nice day =)!
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