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  • Lol don't be afraid, we are nice people. :) I just remembered, Sheva-Alomar is dutch as well.
    How cool, I guess they are originally Dutch then. :) You know that JaguarsSoul is Dutch? You two can talk Dutch and probably no one else will understand haha.
    Right back at yuh, although here it's already 7 mins past it, hope you had a good one.

    LOL really, you're Twin? Then I wasn't too far off then. Are you guys planning a new one? Ohh I know about responsibilities...I much rather wish I was still a kid :D .
    Was it Dutch? Lol I thought you attempted Norwegian, it was that close. It sounded a bit like old norwegian with a mix of another related language. But Dutch and also German has alot of common with our language, we are after all in the same language family.

    Happy Valentine's day to you too, sweetie! :D :kiss:
    Finally got around to watching the whole thing, few scenes were HILARIOUS. 2 that comes to mind, there's one with Leon suffering from PTSD,then storms out and Leon lying about the panties, then Wesker reading who it's from. Defo looking forward to seeing more, btw was that you who also did Ada and Rebecca? Will watch the second vid ASAP!

    I am going to look into them really soon, getting myself a car in a week or so, no more worries of public transport so I can travel the state looking for like minded people. I've never even been to one but I feel like I'll get an overwhelming feeling of euphoria goign to my first :D .

    P.S. I will leave a comment on the youtube vids, just as soon as I see the second.
    Hello dear! :) It was 5:51 PM my time when you posted that.
    What you wrote is not really Norwegian but close enough for me to understand it. Thanks! :D

    In our language we have many different greetings that means the same, many of them have in common that the first word is "god" which means "good", followed with the word for the time of the day. "God dag" translates directly to "good day", but we say it when we meet someone, it's not a "goodbye". "God kveld" means "good evening".

    But the most used greetng is simply "hei" and it means "hi". Another common greeting is "hallo" which means "hello".

    I'm not too bad thank you. How about yourself? :)
    No worries about the page, aint like it was being used before anyways :D . It sounds like something I would like...if there's a little al-key-hol and madness too I'd absolutely love it, it'd suck if only your area had such a massive party like atmosphere though amongst fans. I'll have to check into that sort of stuff in my state. Would love to actually know more folks Face to face who are into these things, my reg friends Have No interest in any of this stuff (except for 1) so you know, I'm always Nerd-gasming by myself for the most part or join up forums.

    BTW I checked some of the vid, pretty darn funny Stuff, loved some of the quirkiness and the Leon was almost a Dead on look alike. Didn't get to finish it but was wondering if I could link the vid on another forum I'm on.
    Ohh thanks, will defo check it ASAP. I know probably 3 or so people around that area that used to be heavily into the stuff 2 or so years ago. About how many people show up to a convention? is it huge like a massive party?
    Ohh I would if I could but here there's such a small following, and most times it's kids dressed as Naruto and Death Note characters, the Mainstream stuff (not to mention there's never more than 20 or so folks). I will be moving out of this town soon and hopefully closer to more hardcore fans. Realized you're in Texas, all the cosplayers I know online are always from there, must have quite a strong community huh?

    And no, link me up so i can check it out if you don't mind
    I'm not too heavy into reading Manga, just sometimes I would get addicted on a friend's recommendation.
    Once you're content with what you have yo don't need anything else , is it an airsoft gun? Metal? . BTW where about do you do the cosplay stuff? Guessing it's in the U.S. somewhere?
    I didn't understand "Beef Master 5000".

    But the actual reason for visiting your page now is this post where you told about some accident and memory loss. I'm so sorry to hear that. :( *Hugs*
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