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  • Thanks.

    Oblivion forums have always lots of people like the tes nexus forum.
    But i think that if you open a new Oblivion forum you only have sucess if you have exclusive mods to atract more people, because there are already lots of oblivion foruns.
    For Re5 i only found one pc mod, that removes the green efect on the screen, inproves anti-allising , etc.
    Im going to start moding oblivion in the summer when i have more time, then you can help me if you want.
    yes, that was my question.
    I was looking if you had an tes IV: oblivion forum.

    I think it would be a good idea to put a donwload section, were the users can upload mods for their respective forum game.
    There arent many mods for capcom games but i think it would be good idea.
    Yo! Sorry i didn't come back on yesterday, i went for what was supposed to be a quick nap lol. Ended up havin a few hours sleep. And when i woke up i wasnt up for long before i was back in bed.
    i should be on tonight properly this time lol.
    I have got that "Promote Us" button I said I was missing (a few messages back)! It was my ad-block that blocked it, it reacted on "/promote/"!
    Aha so banned members are not in the list. We can't let someone with the name Romero cause trouble, so it's good he's been banned haha. I hope no one there will mistake me for being him lol.
    Thanks for making my name available!
    I tried to register at your DMC forums with Romero as username, but an error message says that Romero is either in use already, or does not meet the admin's standards. But when I look in the members list, there is no Romero. Why can't I use the name?
    Thank you. I expected to see a button/link somewhere that did the toggling, that must be because I'm used to IP boards.

    Now when you have updated the image the navigation bar looks like the one I have. (I don't have the Promote Us button but it's not like I need it.:p I guess it's an admin thing.)
    The Profile Options button is moved to the Quick Links which is fine.

    I don't really need another email address, but I'm curious about it so yeah, I'd like an email address thanks. :D
    I don't want my money back. :)
    But what about the other things like toggling visibility, "Profile Options" and "Promote REN"?
    It would be nice with a quick way to get to the profile options.
    That's what wives do. :lol:

    My navigation bars are not like them in the image (I don't have the Arcade and some other things).
    And I can't find any option to toggle my visibility in the Who's Online area or anywhere else.
    I must say you work fast now! I've just logged out of PayPal and find that you have already fixed the Gold. :D
    You're welcome mate. I've been considering gold, and appreciate the $5 off.
    I'm doing very well. If you see me online, just give me a shout and we can play. Things will be better now that i got my faster broadband connection. :)
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