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Recent content by SpaceOwlHoot

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    Latest purchases thread

    Why is 649cc not good enough for cross country?
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    What are you watching?

    I really liked this movie. I have seen the trailer so I knew what I was getting into but my girlfriend knew nothing of the movie when she watched it so she was very surprised how it was panning out lol ... she ended up really liking it, though.
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    What are you watching?

    I don't keep up with many shows or watch a lot of movies unless they really caught my interest but this is what I plan on watching/rewatching soon: Parks and Rec Devs Halt and Catch Fire
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    Resident Evil: Village Is anyone else really, really excited for the 3rd person mode?

    I'm thinking that at this point if they would add 3rd person to RE7, it would be more as a "fun" feature gamers can use to spend more time playing RE7 and not be concerned with keeping the vibe and atmosphere of first-person.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    It's very hot here and when it's not hot...it's very wet...our area got hit with record level rainfaill and floods.
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    Latest purchases thread

    That is sexy. What size engine is in it?
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    Resident Evil: Village Is anyone else really, really excited for the 3rd person mode?

    I'm looking forward to it and will play it in third-person since they'll offer it but really, really excited? Nah, I would have been ok if they didn't offer it.
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    What's everybody playing?

    I'm playing The Quarry. I enjoyed my first play through and am going back now to get the other achievements. Definitely not worth the $70 price tag (I got the Series X version).
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    What are you thinking? General Gaming Edition!

    Well, yeah but companies aren't doing that hence the unionizations.
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    What are you watching?

    I'm finally going to throw 1917 on the screen today...been wanting to watch that one for a while now.
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    Is Chris gay?

    Didn't a Capcom exec say in an interview "It's ALL canon"? :) Claire in Rev 2 (i think) also has a throwback line to Code Veronica...she says how guns are more reliable than people which is what Steve said.
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    Dream Remakes

    We need a remake of R3make. In all seriousness, nothing really stood out to me for remakes so I started thinking about games that I absolutely loved and enjoyed when I was younger and 2 came to mind: Hybrid Heaven and Ogre Battle 64, both were released on the N64. Not really dying for these to...
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    RE Wasted Opportunities

    I don't know if this is a missed opportunity since I don't know Capcoms direction in the future but a good multiplayer experience
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    Welcome to Raccoon City Digital Code

    I bought a copy of the movie and it came with a digital code that I have no use for. Anyone want it?
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    Matt Addison

    The Licker in the Hive infected him