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    Happy Halloween RE Forums!

    It's the night of terror once again my friends! the night in which we all yell about it online and then sit in our rooms playing and watching scary videogames/movies! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves even if you aren't a fan of Halloween.
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    What are your opinion on the two Power Rangers beat em ups on SNES?

    I've recently played the two Power Rangers beat em ups on SNES and I'm wondering what all of you guys think of them. Both are great in my opinion, they have a charm to them that no other game has...might just be nostalgia from being a kid. Anyways, what do you guys think of them?
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    I collect videogames. Mostly PS2 and Xbox 360. (I'm a beginner) It's fun and easy to get into. (as long as you know how to balance money for taxes n stuff with entertainment) The only thing that stresses me out is that I have so much going on that it's hard to keep track of everything.
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    It Chapter 2

    I'm about to watch it for the 2nd time tonight whilst eating pizza and drinking lemonade, 2nd times always better than first in my opinion.
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Last game I finished was Bioshock Infinite. This game is absolutely insane, if you thought 1 and 2 was like snorting a barrel of flinstones gummy vitamins well then this game here is snorting an entire cargo ship of them. Teleportation, Giant Mechanical Birds, Floating Cities, Racist Corrupt...
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    Favorite Game Console?

    My favourite game system would have to be PS2. The PS2 was a revolutionary console that defined a generation pretty much, the only REAL true competition the system got was the original Xbox and even then that sold only around 25 or 30 million units. The never ending game library is also great...
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    Which guns are best in each mainline Resident Evil?

    Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to do these once I start playing tonight. :)
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    Which guns are best in each mainline Resident Evil?

    So I've recently picked up Resident Evil 4 for the second time on PSN. It's great fun and very terrifying, however one thing that bugged me is how little item storage you have. I've played through Resident Evil games before with these kinds of things however a lot of the ones I played had...
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    I'm a Polar Bear, meow.

    I'm a Polar Bear, meow.