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Recent content by RedfieldFanboi

  1. RedfieldFanboi

    Is Chris gay?

    The note in REmake2 is code - I think it was in an interview with the scenario writers that they confirmed it, but even without it's so "not Chris" in the note that it should come across as very strange. It doesn't confirm Chris's taste in women though, only that he wrote what he hoped the right...
  2. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil Zero Rewrite Resident Evil Zero

    This is all fantastic. I am definitely of a mind that prequels do more harm than good in general, but Zero is particularly annoying for me that it made unnecessary changes to the story, such as making the leak deliberate - when it was more effective as an accident, and adding 24 hours to the...
  3. RedfieldFanboi

    What's everybody playing?

    Currently I'm playing Revelations 2 raid mode pretty obsessively. I've been jumping around lately, between RE5, RE6, CVX, REmake, and Revelations 2.
  4. RedfieldFanboi

    Voice Acting

    It's not always as simple as it appears. I know for RE at least, the change in VA for the games has to do with a combination of talent agencies, access during the pandemic, and unions. Something's, no matter how passionate the different players may be, just aren't a matter of whether they want...
  5. RedfieldFanboi

    New Resident Evil game.

    I agree about RE:verse - I don't believe it's been abandoned at all, but that it's going through an overhaul.
  6. RedfieldFanboi

    Unpopular Resident Evil opinions thread.

    Time to lose any of the friends I might have... 1. Leon stopped being Leon with RE4. Since then he went from semi-relatable good guy to untouchable action star and was only redeemed by his characterization in RE6. 2. Jill is... Jill is... Nope, can't come up with anything. She's there, I...
  7. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil: Village This is not a Resident Evil game

    A bit, but I was thinking something with more of a story that evolves over time with updates. Like as if Revelations 1/2 were online multiplayer games, how 2 was given a new chapter to further the overall story.
  8. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil: Village This is not a Resident Evil game

    I totally agree for the most part. Capcom could do very well to make a Resident Evil live service game, patterned after Outbreak. Make or select a character from a list, play scenarios in online cooperative multiplayer, upgrade skills and weapons, etc. Capcom could use this as a revenue...
  9. RedfieldFanboi

    George A. Romero's other Resident Evil scripts still exist!

    It really does support that one or two things happened: Firstly, that a lot was cut/changed due to time or budget. Secondly - possibly - that at the wrong point in production the studio reduced the budget. Either way I liked the movie, but these differences so sort out many of the criticisms I...
  10. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil 5 REmake of 5?

    "iirc Chris's timeline is RE1-> Code Veronica -> Umbrella Chronicles -> Revelations 1 -> RE5 -> RE6 -> RE7 -> RE8. Feel free to correct me here" Yes that is the timeline for all of his appearances, but several of them don't have anything direct to do with his confrontation with Wesker (which...
  11. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil: Village This is not a Resident Evil game

    A bit of a tangent but is anyone else sick of how everyone keeps saying "back to its roots"? It's like an overplayed song. The more people say it, the less meaning it has for me. RE has almost exclusively been an action-horror series (technothriller more precisely), even 1 which really only had...
  12. RedfieldFanboi

    RESIDENT EVIL (My Screenplay)

    I look forward to reading what you come up with! I write as well (not screenplays though) and as a side project to a novel in writing I'm doing a Resident Evil fanfic series around Chris Redfield and his perspective throughout the franchise (up through 6, anyway). My goal was actually to ground...
  13. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica Not a plothole after all...

    Well then it really is just a case of bad writing - I suppose the other most common issue XD I love it, even still - but yeah should have been more clearly expressed in the game. The excepted canon explanation seems to be that Claire contacted Leon who used his government sources to find and...
  14. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica Not a plothole after all...

    I think it comes down to the localization. The Japanese script I bet was more clear, but when they did the translation some details for lost in the shuffle. This localization issue is actually quite common in the series and you'll find that the real lore junkies will often turn to the Japanese...
  15. RedfieldFanboi

    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica So I finally got it

    I definitely appreciate your point of view! The game is for sure one that I have a strong love/hate relationship with, chiefly because it provides a lot of development for Chris and Claire, but it loses me for how much I dislike Steve and Alfred. I also very much agree with you about Alexia. I...