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Recent content by RE-AnimatedFlyboy

  1. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Resident Evil 3 Remake Carlos: Do you prefer Default or Classic?

    Default is only one I've used since I didn't pre-order and based on videos I've seen, I'd still prefer the default "Shaggy" Carlos. Suits him better.
  2. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Resident Evil (2002) / HD Remaster (2015) Whose Campaign Do You Prefer Playing?

    Jill, all the way. Too bad she's been overlooked for most of the series, after Nemesis and not including revelations 1.
  3. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Beer, trivia and resident evil. Because I'm playing two of those games right now, while posting my thoughts here.
  4. RE-AnimatedFlyboy


    Hello there. New member here too, but a long time fan. How've you liked the series so far?
  5. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    My thoughts on Resident Evil The Final Chapter

    Those movies. Stupid fun. Those movies #&_ e everything Resident Evil stands for, Paul W. S. Anderson is a god awful director and writer. He has never played a resident evil game. He and his Super Milla only watched a few minutes of gameplay, when they made these movies. Trash, I say. Trash. I...
  6. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Revelations 2 Best game since RE4? (Seriously Underrated)

    I think, at least I felt so, that Revolutions was like the fox show 24, but in resident evil universe. Last time on 24...
  7. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    How long have you been a fan?

    Since RE2. So, - 98 or - 99. Whenever I got the game. But since nineties.
  8. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Revelations 1 Why Chris and Jill weren't partners?

    The real guestion is, why they're not a pair.
  9. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica P***ed off. (Spoilers inside).

    I frikkin love Code Veronica. But, oh boy, the game can be very frustrating. My memory of the game; simply love the gothic feel of it, but damn! The game was very frustrating.
  10. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Days Gone

    To be honest. I buy Resident Evil games, but I'm sick of zombies in any media form. Even quit watching the walking dead. Might buy this game one day. But so far it hasn't grabbed my attention. Another open world game, another zombie game. Excuse me, while I await for The Last of Us part 2. At...
  11. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Gaming Confessions!

    Confession. I have never finished Fallout 4. Last year I came close. Was nearing the end when you have to choose your alliance. I just could not do it. Though, I played through the two story dlc's. Also, I have never finished a Nintendo game. Only got my 8-bit Nintendo in my teens. Also, I...
  12. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    REN Birthdays

    Mine was just a few weeks ago, on march 2nd.
  13. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Revelations 1 Raymond: Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain?

    Played through Revelations again last night and I'm not sure, even now, after having been playing through the game for a umpteenth time maybe he's like Ada Wong, with his own motives. Or, like Axel Foley would say, he's deep.. Deep.. Deep undercover and still one of the good guys.
  14. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Resident Evil 8

    I have an itch, in the next game Capcom will use RE7 as a template and it will feature another fish out of water character finding him/herself in a strange new enviroment to them and any mainstay character will get a dlc expansion. But it will be probably played in third person perspective.
  15. RE-AnimatedFlyboy

    Revelations 2 Best game since RE4? (Seriously Underrated)

    I'm not sure if it is underrated. Though I'm far more interested to see a follow up to Revelations 2, than many of the main games. I want to see more what happens with Natalie/Alex, than with any of the characters in the main series. Except maybe a continuation of Jake's story. What has come of...