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Recent content by PinkHerb

  1. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil: Village Resident evil VILLAGE leak, trailer ecc

    nah, he would be fighting God himself as soon as he ascends in heaven fighting his angelic minions that are somehow zombies.
  2. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil: Village Resident evil VILLAGE leak, trailer ecc

    I have seen the showcase, and I do not know what to make of it. I am rather nervous than excited
  3. PinkHerb

    RE Game Quest Board: Which would you be in?

    I would probably by one of the main characters from Outbreak. I wold rather survive in a group than to run around Raccoon City by myself, there is strength in numbers.
  4. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil 3 Remake What are some things Re3 remake did that you liked?

    The Dodge mechanic No Grave Digger Nemesis final boss form, i like it better than the original Carlos' new design...except for his 'classic' look *Shiver*
  5. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil Zero Most boring out of all old-school RE games?

    I wouldn't say that it is boring, but it is my least favorite in the Classic line up. I don't mind that RE1 has a prequel, its just that they didn't tell that story very well.
  6. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil 7 Blue Umbrella

    If that is the case, then the whole redemption thing would be utterly pointless, and makes their existence redundant.
  7. PinkHerb

    So Bad It's Good

    The 1994 Street Fighters movie, I just love it
  8. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil: Village Ethan in RE Village

    Ethan...IMO, he did not give a good impression in RE7. I couldn't really bring myself to like him, and thought he would be better as a one shot protagonist...but imagine my surprise that he is back for RE8 and I cannot wrap my head around as to why. I get that RE7 was successful, but who on...
  9. PinkHerb

    What RE content do you watch the most on Youtube?

    hmm I usually see lets plays, speedruns, live streaming fan games, and walkthroughs
  10. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil 7 Blue Umbrella

    Yeah, it is a terrorist organization with the Umbrella namesake, I just thought it was just silly
  11. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil 7 Blue Umbrella

    Nah, I don't think its a reboot, but I do agree that it is unnecessary to bring back Umbrella, its didn't work in the last game, and it doesn't work now. It is not really a good idea, you could've slapped on the BSAA and nothing would change.
  12. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil 7 Blue Umbrella

    RE7 has introduced us to a new organization with an old name, Blue Umbrella. It is a rebranding of the former company of Umbrella, turning it into Anti-Bioterror organization run by former employees as 'atonement' for what was done in the past. It seems like they are here to stay, but so far...
  13. PinkHerb

    its quite simple 3 saves or less (with no auto save) No infinite weapons (with the exception...

    its quite simple 3 saves or less (with no auto save) No infinite weapons (with the exception of the infinite durability combat knife) Must be completed in under two hours and thirty minutes for the A campaigns, or under 2 hours in B scenarios.
  14. PinkHerb

    Resident Evil 3 Remake Remake Nemesis

    Okay so now that it has been a while, what do you guys think about the remake version of Nemesis? Did he still instill the terror in your heart as he did in the OG, or he wasn't as scary as he should've been? TBH, I am pretty indifferent. The first time around, i admit that I was surprised that...