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Recent content by Nicholai

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    I'm back!

    Welcome back Sephi x)
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    I'm new :)

    Silent Hill awesome games. Love Silent Hill's story. Welcome
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    How ya doin?

    "I shot the sheriff" ~ Good taste man Welcome
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    Chambers Fan

    Rebecca is beautiful but not as Jill. o/ welcome
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    the world needs a new hero

    Yeah me too =D Welcome here
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    Resident Evil 5 Resident evil 5 cast revealed ?

    No way Yoko can be in RE 5, nor Saddler, it's non sense. Fake.
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    Resident Evil 5 Re5 Wii petition

    Agree I just like Wii for Umbrella Chronicles.
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    Resident Evil 4 How much do you hate Ashley?

    I shot Ashley sometimes, i hate this girl.
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    I like this kind of introduction. Welcome.
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    Yeah welcome here.
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    Favortie Character

    Alexia, best villain? Hmm i don't think so. Wesker and Birkin are best villain in Resi game i think, because of what they did to Marcus.
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    Bought Umbrella Chronicles?

    You have to play UC with gun remote control. It's better.