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  • Wolfgirl isn't very active but she's here sometimes.
    You have nothing more to do here?! Here's plenty of things to do... many topics in the forums and groups.
    Hey, where have you been?
    Yeah I suddenly became blue lol, it's 1-2 months ago.
    Your new profile looks very very good! But I think it's a little bit hard to read dark blue text on dark background. But that is maybe just me. =]

    I'll now try and edit the shade of blue in this post. :)

    Color "Navy" (#000080)
    Custom blue 1 (#000099)
    Custom blue 2 (#202099)
    Color "Blue" (#0000ff)
    It's been eight months since that discussion, don't worry! I had a quick look at that thread and apart from a poor joke I can't see that you did anything really bad. No one has a reason to not want you here because of it. A very few of them seemed somewhat annoyed at the moment but there was nothing to hold a grudge over.
    And even though trouble was brewing (and that was not only your fault), it never got to a real argument. Later (post #98) Angel even called it a "gem of a thread".
    I see no reason why anyone who took part in that thread would not like to have you here. :)
    And I'm good thanks.
    well enjoy uni when you get there, or "college" as it's called in the US (don't know where you're from) :D
    Hi Nemises! I've been fine thanks, how about you? I'm so energized that I even can start playing games again. :p
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