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Recent content by Mr.R

  1. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Village This is not a Resident Evil game

    You "gain" in the fact that you don't need to dodge them in tight corridors. RE always gave you more than enough ammo to kill pretty much everything, with the exception of harder modes like the RE1DC, for example. There's no RE where there's actual shortage of ammo, or that you need to...
  2. Mr.R

    Resident Evil 5 REmake of 5?

    Like I mentioned in some other thread where a conversation about a RE5 Remake sparked: I wouldn't mind. 5 is not one of my favorites. I mean, it starts really well. I love the beginning. However, after a while the game starts to slag. I really dislike the whole Tomb Raider stages that added...
  3. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Village Rosemary Winters

    Sherry had powers in RE6, being able to regenerate and that affect nothing in the gameplay. She didn't even had some slow regeneration of health, which would be fair, to contrast with all of Jake's hand to hand. It's not exactly the main game, but Wesker had incredible powers in RE4 and 5 and...
  4. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

    For the ones who watched the movie, is Irons a psychopath or a villain on it? Of course, use the spoilers cover to it, so it doesn't give that for the ones who still haven't. (I didn't, but I don't mind knowing that stuff and I've been curious about his role)
  5. Mr.R

    New Resident Evil game.

    I remember that rumor. I wonder if they're gonna adapt the script of Resident Evil The Stage (Or something like that, the Japanese play. It was also set on a College campus) but maybe without Chris and Piers, having only Rebecca as the main character...or maybe with the pair since it doesn't...
  6. Mr.R

    New Resident Evil game.

    Backtracking on the timeline to cover loose ends (or create more) was the Revelations premise, in a sense. I wish they keep doing that, but as you said, not using numbers can also help to give them more flexibility to go back and forth on the timeline. At least I hope so. I know our old heroes...
  7. Mr.R

    Resident Evil Game Replicas

    There's a company called Tokyo Marui, that specializes in making gun replicas and they worked with Capcom to make a lot of RE famous guns, like Leon's Sentinel Nine from Vendetta, the Silver Ghost from RE4 and others. I don't know if you're willing to purchase from overseas, but their models are...
  8. Mr.R

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Absence of Mayor Warren

    Maybe Warren just was the kind of corrupt politician that "looked to the other side" as Umbrella commanded the city. Not everyone needs to be an evil mastermind with a complicated plan. He probably died at some point of the outbreak, like most people in Raccoon City.
  9. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Village I Just Bought Resident Evil 8 Village And This Is My Take On It Thus Far

    They're not "vampires" in the folklorical sense of the word. They look like it, but RE doesn't have magic, only pseudo-science. Alcina needs blood because of a disease, so she drinks it. But from what the game implies her daughters just devours they prey. They eat them.
  10. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Village I Just Bought Resident Evil 8 Village And This Is My Take On It Thus Far

    Chris part in VoS is tough, but at least the game acknowledges that. Chris can take way more hits than Ethan on VoS and the enemies resistance didn't changed too much, except by the big guy in the end. Just save your grenades for the times you really need them. As for the robotic enemies in...
  11. Mr.R

    Uncategorised Umbrella Chronicles - The Death of Canon

    For them to include anything from the og RE3 they would need to make it from scratch. Considering UC is pretty much made of reused assets, with only the Russia level and a few of the bosses being actually new, it doesn't surprise me that their RE3 scenario is basic a trip on Outbreak Locations...
  12. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

    Looks like a train wreck, yeah. Story will be all over the place. However...it's interesting the direction they gave to Claire, instead of just being "Chris sister". And to be honest, I'm kinda digging Kaya in the role. She really looks the part (probably the only one who does) and able to hold...
  13. Mr.R

    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica The BIO gas rounds and their purpose

    To be honest, I do use the knife in RE3, especially on the beginning. Since I normally try to kill as many enemies I can, there's some spots on RE3 where you can climb on crates and such and knife the zombies below. After a while it becomes unecessary, because the ammount of ammo you receive...
  14. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

    Nah. I had difference of arguments with lots of people here. Rain, hardware, etc. I loved RE Van Helsing and RE3R and haven't fought with anyone about it here. didn't had this kid of argument with none of them. But I thank you about your concern about me being angry. I'm not, I can assure. Very...
  15. Mr.R

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

    Oh, I agreed with you many times in the past, especially when both you and I confronted another certain someone, but I rarely likes posts when you're being aggressive. And you call me angry. Ha! Also, Captain America was an edit I made 1 minute after posting, when I corrected a grammar sentence...