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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PS4 Pro) VR I'm not really big into the VR thing, but I have it and Astro Bot was a nice play. 7/10
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Star Wars Battlefron 2 (PS4 Pro) Since I enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order so much I decided to try this game out since I heard it had a single player. I might try the multiplayer which is the main part a little bit later, but I will say this, for being a side thing to the multiplayer the campaign was...
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    Most boring out of all old-school RE games?

    RE zero, much rather play any old RE game.. even gaiden on gameboy color.
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Ratchet & Clank Nexus (PS3) 8/10
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    Unpopular Opinions

    RE6 is the best game of the 'modern games' RE7 was less a RE game than RE6 ever was. RE2 remake was a letdown, re1 remake is a much better remake on every level. RE2 didn't give you more compared to the original.. it gave you less. It was fun and pretty, but didn't deserve the praise it got...
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    Your biggest fears for the R3make

    No fun extra modes.. and project resistance is not good enough. I want mercenaries, not like the old re3 style but i'm hoping for a full fledge mercenaries like RE4 - RE6. It's time for a new version.. it's litterary been 8 years.
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD (Xbox One) Have this for the Wii also, got the HD remake today and couldn't pull myself away. Sure not as great as the gamecube originals but this was a fun little play. It's already heavily disscounted in many places so i'd say pick it up ^^ 7/10 Star Wars...
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Metal Slug X (Xbox One) 8/10
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    I totally agree on the issue with bugs, it's a big issue when some parts are so glitched out it holds you from progressing through the game.. I might have been too generous with that 9.. hmm
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Astral Chain (Switch) It's great to see Platinum games take on a new IP, it's more simplistic when it comes to the combat which I personally don't have any issue with. If you feel like Bayonetta was too complex this one is easier to get into. The trade off is also solid since this is a much...
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    I collect video games. Have a nice collection, don't really like to share pics or whatever cuz it often comes of as braging.
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    Whose time in Raccoon City was harder: Jill or Leon/Claire

    Calire and Leon had to consider other people to survive aswell. While Jill only had to think for herself.. Luckily imagine if she had to keep the fat man alive? xD
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    Favorite Game Console?

    All time >PS2< A mega ton of great games, many still holds up greatly today. Every kind of genre is covered with excellent quality. My most played game on the console is Resident Evil Outbreak! Got the Japanese versions to keep playing this amazing game online. But I do love my other consoles...
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    GEARS 5 (Xbox One) Just finished the main campaign. Such a great gears game. Story was more engaging this time, they tried to play with 'open world' areas which worked out fine. I dislike when games force them into being a open world experience even though it's not suiting. Gears 5 did this part...