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    Shop and Record Points

    I’ve bought pretty much everything other than the infinite weapons now. I’m planning on going through Nightmare and Inferno without them, then get them afterwards to do S runs on those modes.
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    What are you Thinking? Resident Evil Edition!

    Apparently Code Veronica trended on twitter last night. This makes me happy.
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    Shop and Record Points

    After finishing my standard run I bought Jill’s alternate costume and the Crafting Companion. The Crafting Companion seems to double the amount of ammo crafted so it definitely looks like it puts you in a more comfortable position. I’m playing Hardcore now an I feel like it’s helping.
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    RE3 - Members Reaction Thread

    Just some quick thoughts about the game after finishing on standard last night. I also completed the original the night before just so I would be able to compare them better.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    Since the schools have closed now, we've all been told to work from home. Most of the kids at my school are being taught over Microsoft teams now, though as a science technician, there's only so much I can do at home .
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    Resident evil 3 demo confirmed and first gameplay

    I think my personal feelings on the original RE2 kind of clouded my enjoyment of the remake when it came out as I expected a lot more out of the game, but it felt like they cut so much out. With RE3 though, I have played it a lot less and I feel like the original is a lot less iconic in terms...
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    The Mods have already begun!

    I saw this one on Reddit a few days ago and thought it was brilliant :lol:
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    Thoughts on co-op Resident Evil

    I'm a fan of both Co-op and Single player RE games. RE5 is one of my favourite games in the series and is probably my most played due to the great replay value that the game has. I've played every RE game that has co-op with my sister and it's such a fun experience, it's probably one of my...
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    What are you Thinking? Resident Evil Edition!

    There was a rumour that RE3 wasn’t being made by Capcom, but I think that was just because people were hoping for/thinking that there would be a small time frame between RE2 and RE3’s release dates. Since RE3 wasn’t announced at E3 I doubt that it’s the case.
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    Story & character ideas for Resident Evil 8?

    I think up until RE7 there is a progression which makes sense to me. He does look different in RE5 but so does the whole rest of his body, I think bulking up like that would've changed a lot in the structure of his face but beyond that, I think RE5 Chris resembles REmake Chris much more than his...
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    Story & character ideas for Resident Evil 8?

    I expect for RE8 that they will continue the same kind of theme from RE7, and I think it will have a similar progression to RE1-RE2 i.e. a bigger city-like setting, more enemies (hopefully) and more of a deep dive into the company that Mia worked for. It'll probably stay first person for the...
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    The Leaving/Returning Thread

    Heya guys! It’s been a while :P Jen told me to come back and I didn’t want to say no to her coz she’s scary. I probably won’t be too active, but I should definitely be on here more than I have been in the past 6 months XD
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    Happy Birthday Jen!!!

    Happy Birthday Jen!!! All the things are happening in January this year! Leon and Claire want to come to your birthday party! The girls from Kingdom Hearts have brought some presents! Nathan drake says happy birthday too!! We’ve been doing this for too many years and I’m running out of...
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    Merry birthday, Loki!

    Thanks everyone!! A quarter of a century?.. that sounds old Jen... I’m not old.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    I just handed in my dissertation after 7 months of work, now let’s just hope they like it! :lol: The only thing I have left to do now is my thesis presentation and then I’m done with my masters. This year has gone so quickly.