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    Happy Birthday Jen!!!

    Happy Birthday Jen!!! All the things are happening in January this year! Leon and Claire want to come to your birthday party! The girls from Kingdom Hearts have brought some presents! Nathan drake says happy birthday too!! We’ve been doing this for too many years and I’m running out of...
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    Merry birthday, Loki!

    Thanks everyone!! A quarter of a century?.. that sounds old Jen... I’m not old.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    I just handed in my dissertation after 7 months of work, now let’s just hope they like it! :lol: The only thing I have left to do now is my thesis presentation and then I’m done with my masters. This year has gone so quickly.
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    How do you organise your video game collection?

    I mostly arrange my games by platform and then by series, but for my three favourite series I stack the games up horizontally separating the platforms from each other. A bit over the top... maybe? :lol:
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    Is Leon S Kennedy The Most Over Rated RE Character?

    I'd argue that Leon is one of the least developed main characters in the series behind Chris, Claire and maybe on par with Jill. Pretty much every game we see him in he usually acts the as the same kind of monotonous hero, always chasing after Ada and as people have mentioned previously...
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    E3 2018.

    Most looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III, RE2 remake, The Last of Us part II and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Other games I’m looking forward to seeing more information on are Death Stranding, The Walking Dead, Spiderman, Anthem, Super Smash Bros, Shenmue III and Dead or Alive 6. I’ve heard...
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    What's everybody playing?

    Just finished Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice and it was amazing! Never really played a game like that before but the story was really intriguing and the atmosphere was great. The sound design was probably the best I've heard in any game, if you play it you need to play it with headphones. Who knew...
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    Happy Birthday!! I heard that you might like Kingdom Hearts, so here’s a cake for you. Now that you’re older and wiser, any chance you’ve mastered the fireball yet? :P I hope you have a great Birthday!!
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    Hope you had a good birthday Blivvy!
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    Revelations 3: Hopes, Wishes, Theories, Discussions

    I guess what I want for Revelations 3 depends on what we get for RE8. I know that Rev3 will probably come out before RE8 but if the main characters (Chris, Jill, Claire, Leon) come back to being main characters in the numbered games then I would want Rev3 to continue the previous game’s less...
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    Hope you had a good birthday! :D
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    What Are You Listening to?

    New Chvrches song, so goood!
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    Post your favorite Song!

    It’s so hard to choose a favourite song, but I think at the moment it might be this one.
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    What are you thinking? (Part 2)

    The main reason I did my masters was because I wanted to get back into the field that I really enjoyed. After my bachelors I ended up in a job that required no experience, was pretty mundane and was in a completely different field. After applying to a bunch of different jobs and going to...
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    What are you Thinking? Resident Evil Edition!

    The Biohazard (JP) twitter page has been updated with a new cover image suggesting a new game and Resident Evil facebook and twitter updated with a new red logo. Resident Evil 2 Remake to be announced on the anniversary? I think so :3