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Leon Kennedy
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  • I think when things pick up traffic-wise here Steve'll probably start looking for more staff besides Sephiroxas - but it all depends on how people behave here and how busy it gets. On our Fable site we have 2 mods and three admins but everyone is pretty well-behaved so often we don't need to do anything apart from deal with spammers. But on DMC people fight all the time so it just depends on the type of people this place attracts, I guess.
    I always have to play Insane difficulty or whatever the equivalent is and then when I die for the pajillionth time I'm thinking - "Why did I say yes to this?" I swear if we ever had to go to Relate it would be because of video games :lol:

    I'm only admin of three forums (one I don't even go to so I may just revoke my status there) - DMc and Fable are the two I visit most and I think people would get mighty snippy to see me popping up all over the place as staff when they don't even know who I am and it's obvious I know nothing about the game. With DMC there are enough topics to avoid the game-related ones but here there aren't. Plus it also gives other people a chance to become staff members. Steve did offer me a position but I declined - don't really need another admin right now anyway - it's not exactly buzzing with activity.
    Yeah, I watch Steve play most of the games we have. I'm an RPG fan personally and the only FPS I like enough to play alone is Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2...

    He also insists on playing on the hardest modes rather than letting me ease into a game gently...so unfair :lol:
    Such a relief - you know about as much as I do then :lol:

    I do ask Steve about it from time to time - as well as RE - and I've seen all the RE films, if that counts for anything. But the whole zombie/infected thing isn't really my cup of tea as a game choice - I mean, I play Left 4 Dead when Steve nags me as co-operatively it's not a bad game to play. But it's not something I'd play on me own - just don't enjoy the genre enough.
    I know - and I'm just as in the know about this game as I am DMC :lol:

    Steve was like "please join - you've joined all the other ones" and so I thought I might as well show off my complete inability to talk about this game franchise...it's a gift :lol:
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