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    Resident Evil live actions movies are getting a 6 film reboot

    Please bring Chris back don't use him in just one movie to kill him off camera, please.
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    If RE new game came out who will be a main character?

    I don't know honestly, I got comfy playing as Chris since he's my fave, but 5 and 6 broke the balance refering to which character turn is it, Leon always appears on the pair games, Claire took a lot of time to appear, Jill... Even if she appeared on Revelations 1, it was before 5 so I kinda miss...
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    Welcome! Don't worry, you have a lot of time to catch up with the games, especially since Capcom is releasing a lot of RE games on the PS4 and the xbox. I hope you have a nice time here!
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    What's everybody playing?

    Yeah, I get what you mean, on Fates I just played Conquest, but the plot itself judging the 3 games it's so... Open? Also why make 3 games about it, Nintendo? It's pitiful that the option of joining the other kingdom or just stay behind appear but you put "Oh, you don't have this route, buy it...
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    RE7 Zombies or Not???

    Yeah, you explained what I meant way better than me. 5 and 6 infected... Well, they still try to eat you and stuff, so I would say so, but the game itself its originally called Biohazard for a reason, so they don't really care about if they're really zombies or not, they put it as "Look, they...
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    What's everybody playing?

    Nice, I heard the classic ones are hard. Are you considering playing Fates or Echoes: Shadows of Valentia when it comes out?
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    Kurisu's fanarts

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy that Metal Gear reference. Thank you! I drew a couple more.
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    What's everybody playing?

    Parappa The Rapper on my PSP, I'm having so much fun. Nice, my Claire is level 100 so I feel you.
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    Last Game You Finished & Rate it!

    Resident Evil 5 on the PS4 since I finished it long ago on the PS3. Now I'm just unlocking infine ammo for weapons and content. I gotta say I got better with the rifle.
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    What is your favourite resident evil?

    REmake, 0, Code Veronica, 5, 6 and Revelations 2. I don't remember 2 that much so I should replay it to give my opinion, but usually a game with one of the Redfields is a win for me. Also, gotta love Rebecca and Billy.
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    Which game has your favourite and least favourite opening?

    Hmm... My favourite openings are 1/REmake, 5 and Revelations 2 I think. My least favourites... Uh, I don't remember 4 that much so I dunno, and 6 is more like showing what is going on and how did that happened so... Revelations 1 is cool but not of my favourites. Hmm...
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    RE7 Zombies or Not???

    Well, tecnically every zombie in the game is more like an infected person, that's why the game is called Biohazard in Japan, but the thing we call zombies... They could actually fit the description,
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    I would like to think on RE8 but Capcom is still releasing RE7 DLC's and improving the story so I think the only RE game we'll see until a time is RE2 remastered. There's also a rumor about RE:CV remaster but since we don't know anything yet I won't mention it. If Capcom works on RE8 I would...
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    What are you Thinking? Resident Evil Edition!

    I love Chris's special costumes 'cause they're way too funny. Warrior Chris? Good. Sailor Chris? Good. Kimono Chr-Wait that actually looks good on him nevermind. Casual Chris from REmake? Good.
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    What Are You Listening to?