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Recent content by JP

  1. J

    Costume No.31 in Resident Evil Outbreak

    So does anybody know exactly what Costume Number 31 in Resident Evil Outbreak is 'cause I have absolutely no clue???
  2. J

    Resident Evil guns up for auction

    damn, if only i had that much money :( :( :(
  3. J

    Music - Talk Anything About It Here

    With that comment, u nd me could be best buddies since I'm like a KSE freak. Respect budday!!! ;) :D
  4. J

    Video Games (favorite)

    Ima put it like this as my top 3 1.Devil May Cry series 2.Resident Evil Series 3.God of War series Some of the best 3 game series I've ever played
  5. J

    Devil May Cry Franchise/RE

    I still think Dante would pwn them :P
  6. J

    hey everyone

    Welcome 2 the forums 100th member :)
  7. J

    What kind of fan fic would u want to read?

    Ok recently I've been thinking about writing a RE fan fic and I was wondering what kind of story would you guys like?
  8. J

    when we reach 100 members...

    We should "give him/her a prize" for laughs ;D :P
  9. J

    Family Guy?

    Randomest line ever by Peter "You know what I haven't had in a while, big league chew." I was like rofl when I heard that, lol will never forget it. ;D
  10. J

    Fan Fics?

    Since I'm getting ready to write a RE fic, I was wondering what kind of story u guys want, like who the characters should be and the setting and all that what not. :P
  11. J

    Side Story RE Charaters

    To be honest, I really don't know. It depends if people want them bakc or not u know?
  12. J

    Resident Evil 4 you know you suck at re4 when....

    U shoot slow at ganados thinking they're zombies
  13. J


    Well, has anybody seen this movie yet since it's out. I have and quite frankly I think it's alrite if u know what I mean.
  14. J


    Re: | Signatures | Thanx 4 the help Nicolai ;). And thanx again 4 the sigs Seph :)
  15. J


    Re: | Signatures | Thank U for the Awesum signatures Sephiroxas, though, I am having trouble trying to get them to work :(