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  • So you tried? Sorry about that... All you needed was to ask for help.
    But you can use avatars from host sites, the one I removed was hosted on Photobucket. I kept the url, so all you have to do is to ask nicely, and magic will happen. ;) If you want.
    Hi there. I guess you have figured out what happened to one of your sig images... They never go away by themselves. ;) Follow the rules.
    Hey man i wanted to ask you about Tomb Raider.Do you know which Tomb Raider game is the one where theres a level and your in a prison(think theres siren lights coming from the window)and then some crazy ass policeman comes in and trys to beat the hell out of you?I'm trying to find out which game it is because theres about 4 tomb raider games on the Playstation 1.

    I just thought you might know, if you don't then thats cool i just wanna make sure i get the right one lol.
    Thanks! You make some great pictures. First I'm thinking about this picture, but I wonder if you had scaled it down for that post? My desktop is 1024x768 so 800x469 is a bit small. So if the original is bigger then I would like the bigger one. But I can also use other images. :)
    I know I was quite early with starting your B-day thread, but I was going away a few days so I had to post it Tuesday around 3am (my time). :)

    BTW, do you allow me to use a image that you have posted in the forum as desktop background on my pc, please?
    can someone please help me i downloaded the dlc content on resident evil 5 and now i got new features like verus mode new merconaries and jill and josh new chapter but how the hell do i unlock then all please help thank
    yo, you said you wanted to help me with the achievements 'eye of the tiger' and 'army of one'. im usually online at around 20:00-20:30, which is around 15:00-15:30 in America. just let me know when you wanna play. :P

    See ya!
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