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Recent content by InfadaStone

  1. InfadaStone

    RE: Degeneration was better!

    The whole weird thing about Degeneration is that I was used to Leon always cracking cheesy lines and flirting with every woman he meets, like in RE4. In this movie he is well stiff and completely unsociable, nothing like the Leon we all know from RE4 or even the one from RE2!
  2. InfadaStone

    RE: Degeneration was better!

    LOL Yes. Guaranteed. Maybe he will be paired up with Wesker when we run out of female characters...
  3. InfadaStone

    Resident Evil 4 Want to know what the Villager says to leon

    Yes I can understand a lot of your language when it is spoken, the same for Italian! x
  4. InfadaStone

    Resident Evil 4 Want to know what the Villager says to leon

    I am Gibraltarian, so I go into Spain almost every day to shop or whatever. For those who don't know, Gibraltar is British offshore, like Isle of Wight.
  5. InfadaStone

    RE: Degeneration was better!

    Aaaah Leon in Degeneration had the character sucked out of him and he had a very big head... he was nothing like RE4 Leon which was the revamped Leon that made it big... and the Angela x Leon thing was horrific. I saw it coming from a mile away. I don't get why the RE team have to keep pairing...
  6. InfadaStone

    NEW MOVIE!! resident evil: afterlife

    I think you just gave me reason to keep on living. Where'd you hear this? x
  7. InfadaStone

    Resident Evil 5 Wesker Dead Or Alive(dedicated to 013)

    I am still sure that Wesker will be back. Resident Evil without Wesker = Mickey Mouse without ears. It doesn't work.
  8. InfadaStone

    Resident Evil in Egypt?

    Make it star Leon and Chris and I will achieve orgasm.
  9. InfadaStone

    Chrisss is hot !!

    Aaah. This is discrimination! I am a female... I'll have you know that I've loved RE since it first came out in 1996/7. I was little when I was playing it too, I am 22 now! I am an obsessed fan. As much as I love Brendan Fraser, he is not Leon. Simple... LOL. Isn't Leon about 32 years old...
  10. InfadaStone

    What is Ada Real agenda ?

    In my opinion... Her Agenda is to be a tease.
  11. InfadaStone

    Resident Evil 4 Want to know what the Villager says to leon

    I speak Spanish, live very near Spain and visit it a lot - and the accents and pronunciation of the villagers are pretty bad if you're trying to make them out to be Spanish people. They sound like Argentinians speaking Spanish... :S
  12. InfadaStone

    Jensen Ackles

  13. InfadaStone

    Jensen Ackles

    That works too.
  14. InfadaStone

    RE-Degeneration Flaws.

    I also made that assumption. You can't be too sure about that, though.