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    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Will HUNK return in the Remake?

    A game focusing on hunk and Carlos would be cool, both mercenaries for umbrella
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    What happened to Carlos Oliveira from RE3?

    Well, he was a mercenary from South America. I'm sure he went back to mercenary work after those events. Once a Mercenary always a mercenary..
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    Will these remaining characters make a return?

    I want to see Carlos Oliveira make a comeback, he was an interesting character indeed, that was a mercenary for Umbrella.
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    What happened to Carlos Oliveira from RE3?

    So, this is quite interesting, as I been doing research on Carlos on the Interwebs to see what happened to.his character, after the events of Raccoon City. Strange, but everything I ran into were his last appearance was in Operation Raccoon City. Hopefully, we learn something about his...
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    Your choice actors for resident evil reboot

    So, I have a few, not many.. To start things I'm new here, been a fan of the resident evil series for decades, and am proud to be a fan of the Series (Resident evil 2 being my favorite). So, I was doing some reaserch on what characters could work.. First Off Leon S Kennedy: Jimmi Simpson...