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    So... Is it Chris or not?

    Hunk was in his 30s during RE2 so that would make him almost 50 during this. He doesn't look 50. Maybe early 40s at the oldest. It's not hunk.
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    what do you guys think of a RE:3 remake

    Shouldn't we just call it the R3make?
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    2nd Run Makes No Sense?

    The ONLY parts of RE2 that are officially recognised as Canon by Capcom are Leon, Claire and Sherry survive. Ada dies (lol) and the lab gets destroyed. Everything else is open tto interpretation. The remake doesn't effect canon at all.
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    2nd Run Makes No Sense?

    Maybe go read what capcom said about it then. It's not a replacement.
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    2nd Run Makes No Sense?

    I agree 100% but people are taking the game to be a direct replacement for the original when it was never intended to be. Maybe if this was a bit more common knowledge then people would enjoy the game for what it is and not hate on it for what it's not.
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    2nd Run Makes No Sense?

    Cap om have already stated that RE2make is only 1 story told from two perspectives. The B scenario (2nd run) is just the exact same game with a few mi or changes in item placements and puzzle solutions. It's not the same as re2 where the zapping system exists.
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    How long have you been a fan?

    Since the OG on Ps1. I've played all the main franchise games but haven't ventured away from those often.
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    Rank the Resident Evil Games You've Played.

    1: Re2 (original). The daddy of them all. The most complete re game made imo. Awesome story and near perfect zapping system creating a much more complex play through. 2: Re1 (Original / Remake). 3: Re2make. A very well made alt version of RE2. If you take it as being non cannon, you will enjoy...
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    Story weirdness

    Thats because RE2make isn't cannon. RE2make has 1 story told twice. Capcom have stated as much. It's pretty much a "what if" scenario depending on whom you pick to play as. That's why you fight the same bosses (apart from Mr X as Leon). The only things in the game that are cannon are William...