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Recent content by ~Excella~

  1. ~Excella~

    Resident Evil: Village This is not a Resident Evil game

    The last few games haven't been Resident Evil imo, however, I have enjoyed them and appreciate the fact that they are willing to try new things to freshen it up. They need to go back to their roots now, get rid of Ethan and go back to third person. Go old school RE.
  2. ~Excella~

    What if Resident Evil was set in Canada?

    I enjoy the RCMP outfits, don't get me wrong lol
  3. ~Excella~

    What if Resident Evil was set in Canada?

    ....I didn't say you were proposing to change it? I am just saying that it makes no sense really, as you're discussing 'what if' it was in a place that looks exactly like the place it is set in. We get it, you love Canada, but, the 'what if' here just isn't making much sense as there would be no...
  4. ~Excella~

    Resident evil game ideas.

    I would be interested in playing as Wesker through the original RE, to see what he did once everyone split up before you meet him here and there throughout the game. I would also be pumped to play as the other Bravo and Alpha team members in a separate game before the Spencer mansion incident...
  5. ~Excella~

    What if Resident Evil was set in Canada?

    I live in Canada, I am aware of the BC landscape and the RCMP, I just don't see a point in basically taking one setting and replacing it with another that is the same lol Well, Spider-Man was set in NYC, and, some of Marvel has NY ties in various ways, plus, the NYPD is one of the most...
  6. ~Excella~

    What if Resident Evil was set in Canada?

    Why would anyone want the RCMP involved in a game like this lol? It's fine the way it is in fictional Raccoon City and with STARS and the RPD. I appreciate the creativity in it.
  7. ~Excella~

    Who's your favourite resident evil character, and why?

    Chris Redfield Just the best all around character imo and it helps that Charlie the actor is ladyboneriffic.
  8. ~Excella~

    What if Resident Evil was set in Canada?

    I thought this was a joke topic, but, seeing as to how it isn't lol, there would literally be nothing different. I don't see a point in this and having the RCMP instead would be ridiculous.
  9. ~Excella~

    Resident Evil: Village Dislike of resident evil village?

    I enjoyed it, but, I am a little sad that the RE games have swerved from their origins, it's lost it's survival horror feel and became so much action, just losing the scary atmosphere and things we grew to know and love. I appreciate the fact that they did try some different things to freshen it...
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    Hi and welcome!
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    Hi! New RE fan here!

    Hi and welcome!!
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    I'm new!!

    Hi and welcome!!
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    Hi and welcome!
  14. ~Excella~

    Resident Evil 2 (1998) Paul Haddad (voice of Leon in the original) reportedly passes away

    https://stevivor.com/news/rumours/paul-haddad-voice-resident-evil-2s-leon-reportedly-died/ This has come up on a few sites and on his Facebook, on a post he made Feb 14 with his go fund me for surgery, people who apparently know him and spoke to him recently are giving condolences. He was...
  15. ~Excella~

    What are you watching?

    Judge Jerry (Springer) How is he even a judge? I’m watching for laughs.